How To Unlock Or Earn Player Icons In Overwatch 2 Free To Play

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hello and welcome my name is Dylan and

today we're going to be talking about uh

player icons in OverWatch 2 or more

specifically how you can go through and

earn them so we're going to start off

here by going to the options on the left

and the career profile in their career

profile we're going to go up to the top

right hand side to customization and

customization we see the player icons

here and we can see that some of them

have carried over from OverWatch one if

you're on Console currently I believe

that there is an issue where consoles

OverWatch one stuff is not porting over

to OverWatch 2 so that's unfortunate

they are obviously working on a fix for

that and you guys should be able to

access these a little later in

challenges we're going to go over at the

top options here to Lifetime and in

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