How to Become a Life Insurance Agent in Texas and Mistakes To Avoid That Will Make You Fail

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so you want to become a life insurance

agent in Texas huh so in this video I'm

gonna show you how you can become one

but also what happens after you get

licensed that most people fail when

being a life insurance agent okay so

coming right up hey so there's welcome

to another video of the hustle show I'm

super thrilled to have you here my name

is Cristian I'm the host of the hustle

show podcasts and YouTube channel where

we do a lot of interviews to successful

entrepreneurs business owners and just

business in general advice and tips so

I'm super excited to have you here and

on today's video I'm gonna not only show

you the step-by-step of how you can

become my life insurance agent in Texas

which I am myself as well but not not

only that you know once you get the

license that's when 90% of the people

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