How To DOWNLOAD Games FASTER On Xbox One 2021 (DOUBLE SPEED!) - Newest Methods

how to download games faster on xbox one

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today i'm showing you how to speed up

your internet connection on your xbox

one essentially

and download games faster obviously this

is so so helpful

because so many games are huge now

they've got huge file sizes

and take a long time so in today's video

i'm just with the best methods

of downloading games faster so if you're

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let's jump straight into this so you

know how to handle the games

faster on xbox one so i'm now in the

tutorial part of the video where i'm

gonna go over how to download games

faster on xbox one

so the first thing you need to do is go

on to your xbox and we need to go and


the speed you're currently getting on

your xbox just so we know

the internet speed is going to be

increased and if we do something wrong

which may decrease we can go and undo

that and fix the issue so to do this and

test your internet speed on your xbox

what i do is go to the settings go to


and then go along to network settings

and then go

once from the network setting page and

click and test network speed and


so you know what the current speed is

and we can know if it gets better or


and then if we just get better at us we

can undo what we've done and

fix um the issue so once you've got that

speed quickly note it down or take a

picture on your phone and just

make sure you go and check it now

basically throughout this video i

recommend watching the whole thing i'm

going over loads of different ways to

increase it

and they're all completely different um

so let's go and jump straight into the

first one which is

simply using an ethernet one i'm

probably sure using this but i think

i'll go and cover it

here is one on amazon i'll put a link

down to below to a load of ones which

will work well

now you know people say oh my xbox is

ages away you can get really long

ethernet while so put a long one down

below as well

so yeah that's really easy and quickly

if you want to check that your xbox is

using ethernet

simply go to settings general network

settings and

on the side it will give the network

status so you can click on there

and it will change to wired when

ethernet is plugged in so that's pretty

easy to do

but that's just a quick way of checking

you've got ethernet um but anyway

the second one is a lot more applicable

to more people so i recommend try using

a custom dns

so to change this go to general then go

to network settings

advanced settings dns settings and then

manual and here you can go on you'll be

on the primary dns page and there are

four white boxes

which you can enter numbers in so you

want to do is one

point one point one point one there'll

be four boxes so put one in each and

there'll be a dot to show um the

and i'll make sure it's on the screen as

well so once you've done that you then

go to the next page which is the

secondary ipv4 dns

and all i do is do

as seen on the screen and then go and

save that and go and do a speed test

like i said before

to see if it's changed but obviously

it's decreased it set it back to

automatic which is super super


but it may have increased it and anyway

yeah so yeah if i slowed it just tune it

back to automatic but

if you're interested in doing more dns

stuff i've got a section at the end of

the video

which we can go and look at what i'll go

go over some more dnses you can try

at the end of the video but yeah that's

just a quick one

now the third one is more of a basic one

but it move closer to your internet


um or maybe move your xbox with the

screen right next to it

um or if there's another closer tv you

can maybe use that if possible

but that's one of the easiest ways if

you're far away and you're using


then it is going to have a slower speed

so simply but moving closer this is

super super easy fix i know it won't

work for everyone

but maybe you didn't think of that

beforehand um but because if you've got

like a big house or

even a small house of certain type of

walls it will slow your internet speed


um but yeah that's pretty easy one so

another one is actually

ensuring you're getting the internet

speed you're paying for now this is kind

of separate from xbox

but often sometimes your internet speed

will just drop due to an error in the

network outside of your home and that

isn't always picked up by your isp the

internet service provider

so you need to check the range your

internet should be in once you buy

internet it'll give you a range you

should it should be maybe within like 10

to 20 megabits per second or something

like that

so just ensure it's within that and you

can test that using speed test and if it


out of the range which the your isp is

ensuring you should have then you can

contact them

and hopefully they'll go and speed it up

so number four is ensuring you're using

the 5 gigahertz wi-fi

and not the 2.4 as five gigahertz is

faster basically five

gigahertz has a bigger um bandwidth

while 2.4 is more for

long range so simply normally on an

internet router you have two set you

have two different networks

four and five but this may need to be

enabled which can be done in your router


now i would go for this but it's

different for all routers so simply

go into the settings and see if you can

find the setting and if you can't just

refer to the user manual

on how to go and do that it's super easy

and it kind of a major difference

especially when i use my five gigahertz

one it's a lot faster when i'm close to

it so another tip is don't play other

games on your xbox while it's

downloading closely this will

affect the amount of internet your xbox

currently has to download the game

but it also make your internet slower in

general so a good workaround for this is

simply doing it at night maybe when

you're asleep

um or you could just go and do something

else a bit or leave it on where at

school or something like that just


playing games will not speed up at all

while you're in your xbox

or doing something other internet heavy

like downloading something on your


it will not speed up at all and probably

slow it down which is annoying

but you'll just have to wait out and you

know you've just got to wait for it and

but yeah

the next one is number seven and it's

simply go and then a

enable automatic updates by setting so

this is something more for the future

uh so what i do is go to settings

updates and downloads and tick

keep my games and apps up to date as it

means apps and games will update when

the update comes

available so be ready as soon as you

want to play and you don't have to

download it as soon as it's released it

just means you're basically prepared for

when you want to play that game

and it will do it in the background

we're doing other stuff and it will just

save you a lot of time and a lot of


so i do really go and recommend doing

that route but yeah they're the main


the other final way is just basically

you have to spend more money but make

sure you have got the fastest internet

package if you really want to go and

download it

a lot of area you can upgrade your

internet just to get a faster speed

um and yeah so if you're in a more of a

rural area it's going to be slower

if you're moving urban busier area you

can probably get a lot faster until you

may currently have

it will cost more but if you want fast

internet it's just the route you may

have to go down

but yeah i hope you have found this

useful quickly i'm gonna go over the few

more dns options people were probably

wanting to see we actually mentioned up

from the earlier tip

so i'll pull them up now so the second

dns i'm gonna recommend

is for the primary ipv4 dns simply do


point eight point eight point eight so

four eight and so one eight in each of

the boxes

once again it will be on the screen and

then for the

second part for the secondary um ipv4

dns is simply

8.8 so look like eight

eight four four in each of the boxes and

if you have skipped to the end just here

the more i'll quickly go over the

original one

so the original one i also mentioned was for the primary ip4 dns

and for the secondary ipv4 ipv4 dns it's now i hope you have found this

video useful

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