all right guys splits here i'm gonna

show you guys how to make your ps4

downloads a lot faster

so right now i'm actually downloading a

fortnite update

and if you feel like your downloads are

just stuck there these methods will also

fix that problem so

let's try to get 101 likes hopefully

that's possible

and yeah let's get right into it so the

first thing is

it's more of a tip so make sure you

don't play

any game while you're downloading

something because that will actually

take forever

for downloads make sure you're just on

this screen without playing anything

and your downloads will be a lot faster


alright so method number two is you want

to do an

uh connection test so go to your

settings and then go to network

and then test internet connection so

basically what this does is just

refreshes your downloads

and it will become your downloads will

be a little bit faster

so i'm just going to wait for this to do

its thing

all right so you can see that helped a

little bit all right so method number

three is pretty simple

you just wanna go to your download and

then you just wanna pause it

and just wait for like five seconds

and then you just want to resume it and

that should fix any that should

literally fix like

downloads that you don't think it's

moving so

yeah that's method number three all

right so the last and final method which

i think is the best one

this is what i do all the time when i

want to download something really fast

you literally just put your ps4 into

rest mode

rest mode will literally just focus on

downloading any updates it doesn't do

anything else but download so that's

really good

so make sure you guys put it on rest

mode it will literally make your

downloads super fast

and yeah those are my methods guys make

sure you guys leave a like subscribe