How to Add Roms To RetroPie

hey what's up guys welcome back to mad

DIY today's video is going to be a quick

tutorial to show you how to add roms to

your existing retropie now this is going

to be very quick simple to the point

it's not going to be very detailed it

isn't for those that are trying to do a

complete build out this is if you

already have a retro pie and you just

simply want to add games so first of all

you want to go ahead and get your IP

address we're gonna do this across Wi-Fi

so you're gonna have to have this

connected to your Wi-Fi so if you don't

have that let's go ahead and do that

first you want to scroll over to the

retro pie menu within your console also

you can avoid this if you have it

plugged in directly to an ethernet cord

this is if we're just strictly going

over Wi-Fi and your menu options at the

very bottom you're gonna see an option

for Wi-Fi scroll down to that and click

into the Wi-Fi once inside the Wi-Fi

menu option is going to look like a dull

space screen go ahead and click connect

to Wi-Fi here you want to go ahead and

plug in your Wi-Fi settings you want to

use a USB based keyboard just simply

plug it into your retropie and you

should be good to go now that you happy

retropie hooked up to your Wi-Fi simply

back out of this and stay on the

retropie menu option and scroll up to

show IP address and select that option

here at the very top of your screen

you're gonna see your IP address that's

gonna say your IP address is whatever

the numbers are write that down you're

going to have to use this to move your

roms over so make sure you jot this down

okay now that you got the IP address and

we're ready to go ahead and grab the

roms you can use various sites but one

of the popular sites that I like to go

to is going to be the MU paradise Emme

once again that's mu paradise Emme check

a link in a description take a look at

the area on the left-hand side it's

going to say featured sections there's

gonna say rom is OS and games you want

to go ahead and click there on the next

menu here if you scroll down you'll see

a list of arcade systems consoles

computers handheld this is where you

gonna grab all your roms for this

example I'm gonna go ahead and use

arcade system so I'm gonna go ahead and

select the main roms that are located

directly under arcade systems sidenote

for instance if you want to get Sega


games playstation they're all gonna be

located directly under consoles if you

want to get Gameboy Advance game gear

those are gonna be under handhelds and

etc under the main option you're gonna

have several choices to choose from you

can list all titles which are going to

be sorted by ratings or sorted by

downloads meaning how many users

downloaded it so it's gonna basically

base off the popularity or you'll see a

list alphabetized at the top also what a

numeric value at the beginning so you

can just simply whatever game you want

to find if you want it let's say

Simpsons for example we would just

simply select the s and scroll to find a

Simpsons game okay now here's the game I

was looking for the Simpsons bowling now

the game is actually called Simpsons

bowling now take this under to

consideration you may search for a game

you may not see it because it's gonna be

entered at the actual name so of course

Simpsons is really the Simpsons so you

would have to do your search on your T

but in this case the game was called

Simpsons bowling this is what I'm

looking for so I'm gonna go ahead and

click that and get to the next screen on

the next screen simply scroll down

usually below the ads that are in the

center there's gonna be an area that

says direct download links you'll see a

link at the top it's gonna have a zip

file that's the one you want to go ahead

and download click that file I'm sorry

after you clicked off I was gonna take

you to another area and then you have to

scroll down one more time and it's gonna

say direct download again and you want

to go ahead and click that file now go

ahead and click OK to save it to your

computer usually by default is gonna

save under your downloads folder or you

may have it set specific to a different

folder just remember where you saved it

or where your default save files go to

ok after the download is done go ahead

and open that window now I like to open

two windows so go ahead and open the

window which are download in it you'll

see like for my example here I have the

simpsons bowling file and then I have

another window that I opened up on the

right hand side this is going to be the

window that's gonna link to my retropie

so open it up exactly like this it's

gonna simplify the process so go ahead

and do that and let's continue on in the

extra window that you open you want to

go ahead and type in your IP address and

that's going to be the IP address for

your retropie that you got earlier that

you wrote down so you want to start off

in this window it's important you want

to do this and Explorer you don't want


one of your browsers you don't do it in

Chrome you don't do it in Firefox no to

Internet Explorer you want to do this in

Windows Explorer only so open up an

extra folder like this under my computer

and just simply type backslash backslash

whatever that IP address is and hit

enter so in my particular situation it's

gonna be backslash backslash s2

my retro PI and hit enter okay great

this is pretty much the hard part that's

already done so if you got this far

everything else should be downhill from

here go ahead and click the roms folder

this is going to be where all of your

roms are located under the console names

and yes folks it's that easy you're

simply going to grab your ROM from the

folder that's right next to it you're

gonna drag and drop it directly into the

main libretto folder voila we put the

file to fully transfer should only take

a couple seconds there and now go back

to your retro PI once at your retropie

before you can see the game show up in

your console in this particular

illustration it's going to be in the

main folder but we want to go ahead and

restart the console first so go ahead

and hit start on your controller and

scroll down to quit

under the quit menu at the very top

you're going to see restart emulation

station click that and click yes and

once again for this particular

illustration we loaded main games so I'm

gonna go ahead and select the main

folder as shown in the picture here once

I select I'm gonna scroll down to find

my game actually there are so many games

in here I'm just going to do a search

and find my game and there we have it

folks Simpsons Foley gonna go ahead and

click it and play thank you guys so much

for tuning in until next time peace