How to WIN your Student Council Election | From a Student Council President

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Hey you! You probably clicked

on this video wondering how to get elected to Student Council,

if you should run for Student Council,  and, if you do run, how to win. Well,

you clicked on the right video. I've been exactly where you're sitting right now before

where I was scared and I didn't know if I wanted to run at all. But in this video,

I'll go over everything you need to know about the Student Council election process, from applying to

campaigning and I'll give many tips and tricks along the way. The things that I talk about in

this video are going to be more in-depth and nuanced than anything you've seen anywhere

else on YouTube or on the internet. If you want to know your percent chance of getting elected,  

stick to the end of the video where I'll be talking about Chance to Lead, a one-on-one  

consulting service that I started to help you get into Student Council elections by giving you the

tools, and the tricks, and the tips and everything that you need to win. I've taken my experience

from winning back-to-back-to-back Student Council elections, as well as working on professional

campaigns to help you tailor whatever you need to win. So without further ado, let's jump right in!

If you're new to my channel, hi! My name is Nelson Lee and I'm a first-year Engineering

student at the University of Toronto in Canada. Last year, I was the Student Council President

at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute, one of the largest high schools in all of Canada. Currently,

I'm the youngest elected representative on the Board of Directors for the University of Toronto

Student Government (UTSU). I've also been elected as a First-Year Representative for the Engineering

Faculty. Over the course of Student Council, I've had amazing opportunities to learn so many things

and accomplish so much, such as implementing our school's first dedicated mental health month,

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