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How to get rid of tree stumps ? | Video | Roundup Weedkiller

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throughout Ottoman wins you're going to

hear chainsaws around and a lot of tree

work going in the gardens now if you end

up with a tree stump you may find that

it regrows next spring but round up tree

stump kill all sorts out once you bought

the pack have a good read through you'll

get all the dilution rates on there and

how to use it a pack like this for

example actually treats 16 stumps but I

got one or two out there so I'm going to

make up a little bit the great thing is

once you get in the childproof cap there

you go the caps actually got measuring

marks on those you know exactly how much

you're using I only need about 20 mils

20 mils exactly if you just pull that

into an old clean jam jar cap straight

back on and the great thing is there any

drips in there clip straight back into

the bottle to knob it's not messy to use

and you don't wasting it either clean

water you want the right amount I need

200 mils which is that much it really is

that easy old paintbrush and that's now

ready to use now round it works best on

a freshly cut stumps because all the

tubes in the stump are still open so

that'll take the roundup from the

surface all the way down to the roots