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5 Exercises To Fix Rounded Shoulders Posture (Long Term Fix)

hello Leon here from back intelligence

calm where we help people manage their

back pain from home as well as help them

fix their posture for the long term so

today's video is gonna be all about

fixing your rounded shoulders posture

this is a prevailing problem in today's

society because so many of us sit in

this hunched position in front of our

computers working all day and we get

into this hunchback posture or refer to

us rounded shoulders posture as well and

usually the head moves forward with it

that's why if people get so much neck

pain and all that kind of stuff

that's forward head posture we've done a

video on that as well I'll have a link

to it somewhere here or there's gonna be

a link in the description where dr.

Oliver talked about forward head posture

specifically but in today's video I'm

gonna be talking more specifically about

rounded shoulder postures and some of

the exercises that you can start doing

in order to fix it I've noticed some

people just tell you hey all you got to

do is this one magic exercise and that's

gonna fix your rounded shoulders but

that's not the case having around the

shoulders posture means that there are

certain muscles that need to be released

and stretched like the levator scapulae

the chest muscles like the PEC major and

PEC minor as well as upper traps and

others and on the other side you need to

strengthen and activate other muscles

like lower traps as well as the external

rotators as well as the serratus

anterior muscle right so you need to

address all of these muscles effectively

together in order for you to see

long-term effects and really get you out

of that hunchback posture so right now

I'm gonna show you five exercises that I

recommend you start doing right away to

start fixing this posture I recommend

you do them in order because they are

set up in such a way that you start to

release and stretch the muscles and then

eventually activate the correct muscles

and some of these exercises come

directly from dr. Oliver's course on our

website on how to fix your rounded

shoulders that forward head posture as

well neck shoulder pain that you're

experiencing so if you'd like the full

program with a lot more exercises you

can get that on our web

but right now I'm gonna show you five

exercises that you can start doing right

away and if you do them you're gonna

start feeling relief already so the

first thing you want to do is place it

on your nose and now you're a clown okay

now I'm just joking okay so we are gonna

be using self massage ball okay there's

massage balls there's lacrosse balls

even a tennis ball can work and we're

gonna be doing a self massage for the

chest muscles which you have the PEC

major and then the PEC minor underneath

both of these mud on both sides they get

really really really tight on people

with rounded shoulders posture so I

recommend you before you even try to

stretch them you need to do what's

called a self myofascial release on

those muscles well so what you're gonna

do is you're gonna take the ball and

then you're gonna place it where your

chest area is correct right around this

area okay and you're gonna find a spot

that's tender so as you lean against the

wall here you're gonna try to find a

spot that's tender so you can roll

around a little bit until you find it

and once you've found that spot you're

gonna stop and just hold it for about 30

to 60 seconds okay so you're gonna be

holding and kind of you can you can

decide how much pressure you want to put

into it okay but you do want to hold it

for about 3060 seconds and then you want

to find another spot okay so after you

spend 30 seconds and that's but now

maybe move it a little higher maybe a

little bit lower and then you know try

another spot and then hold it there for

another 30 60 seconds you could also

move your other arm up and down a little

bit I don't know if you can see that

like actually let me do it the other

side so you can see that so again same

thing I'm gonna place your arm and you

want to do this on both sides of course

so find a spot and then hold it for 3060

seconds to add some extra deeper release

of the muscle you can also try to move

your hand up and down as I'm doing so

now just to be clear the ball is not

moving I'm not rolling I'm just moving

my hand okay so that the ball can get

deeper into the tissue of the muscle but

basically again 3060 seconds fine and

then find another spot from there and

you want to do it on both sides of your


I'm to exercise number two and that's

when we're gonna start stretching the

PEC major and PEC minor muscles okay

that we already did the self massage too

so what I'm gonna do is there's many

ways of doing it but one of them is

you're gonna keep completes your pump on

the wall here and then you're just going

to kind of lean that way and start

feeling the stretch in your chest okay

and you can lean into your in my case my

right knee a little bit so you can go

forward as you feel the stretch now if

you want to get even a deeper stretch

you can even look away from the hand



and then switch sides okay so same thing

on this side here place your palm here

kind of lean a little bit forward on a

diagonal here start feeling the stretch

in your chest and then you can lean away

from it as well and you want to hold

this stretch for about thirty seconds on

each side then you want to do about two

sets every other day okay the next

exercise we're going to do is the

forearm wall slide and this one are both

stretches and creates mobility for the

shoulder blades

area and thoracic spine as well as it

also activates serratus interior and

other muscles so let's get right into it

so we're going to do is just place one

leg in front of the other and then bring

your forearms onto the wall at about

ninety degree angle and then all you're

going to do is you're going to kind of

slide up and then slide down okay so

you're gonna be kind of moving slightly

forward on the up part and then isn't

you're gonna come back again so you're

gonna go up and you don't want to bring

your shoulders up or anything like that

you're just trying to move to get

mobility in your upper back which is

very important

and I recommend you do this one about 15

reps two to three sets every other day

the next exercise we're going to do is

called the prone tease or there's many

other names to it its main purpose is to

activate those lower trapezius muscles

that get weak and under active on most

people who have rounded shoulders

posture so you can do this one on the

floor or on a bench I'm doing it on a

bench here okay and I'm just gonna place

my arms on my sides and from here what

all I'm gonna do is I'm going to

externally rotate my thumbs okay and

then I'm going to go up into a tee

position okay and then bring it down

okay and again this is deceivingly

harder than what it seems like it's one

of the hardest exercises and you want to

pinch your shoulder blades together okay

that's what's important for this one you

bring it up as high as you can t as you

go out and try not to also arch your

back in this way it's not about arching

your back at all this exercise is more

about the mid-back okay

we can also add some small weights to it

if you find it too easy okay you want to

do about 15 reps about two to three sets

every other day the next exercise I'm

gonna show is called the floor angels

people do them at the walls as well

there's many different ways of doing it

so you want to start in this position

here with your feet on the floor knees

are bent and now you want to bring your

low back to the floor as much as

possible so you don't want to arch your

back you don't want to have space here

okay as you're doing the exercise are

important to not arch your back so

you're gonna again think of your

bellybutton going towards the floor okay

so stomach in arms on the floor and now

exactly what it sounds like you're doing

floor angels okay some of you do this in

the summertime in the snow I mean in the

wintertime of course as you lie there in

the snow you do this already so some of

you might already know how to do it but

what's important here again it Sam as

I'm bringing out that's where it gets

harder and that's what a lot of people

want to start arching their back you

don't want to do that so consciously the

practice to bring your stomach to the

floor so there's no space here as you're

doing the exercise I'm gonna straighten

out into an into a wide position and

then bring your arms into a W right so

again extend out into a Y and come back

into a W which is a very very good


and again you want to do this one about

15 reps 2 to 3 sets every other day

that's it for today I hope you enjoyed

these exercises and let me know if they

are helping you in the comments below

like I mentioned I recommend you do them

in order okay alright we hope you

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