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How To Get Rid Of DRY And TEXTURED SKIN | Skincare Routine

hello guys welcome back to my channel so

recently my skin

has been struggling it's been dry


acne prone and i've had to do extensive

research but i have found what i think

is the perfect skincare routine

to help moisturize and smooth out my


skin so usually my skincare routine is

just a makeup remover

face wash moisturizer and then an oil

but i've had to do a complete overhaul

of my skincare routine

and now my skincare routine is makeup


face wash toner serum moisturizer and

then the last product is like my secret

skincare product it's like a hidden gem

and i will be sharing

that and everything else in my skincare


with you guys in this video i also want

to thank heiner for kindly sponsoring

this video and supporting my channel so

i will be getting into

one of their products in a few minutes

and now without further ado

let's just jump right into my current

skincare routine

to start out i remove my makeup using

the abilene moisturizing cleanser


i had used pharmacies green clean

what i found as my skin became really

dry and sensitive over the last couple

months is that

i cannot use products with fragrances in

them so i had to stop using this

but albileen literally does the same

exact thing

as pharmacy's green clean for a fraction

of the price

and is fragrance free it only has like

five ingredients enough rambling

what i do to use it is i just scoop some

out this is what it looks like it looks

like vaseline

and you just rub it in just like you

would do with any

type of oil cleanser so when you rub

this on your face

it starts to liquify and it helps to


any makeup that you have any dirt oil

bacteria the next step is to take a

clean washcloth put it under warm water

and then

wipe all the makeup off of your face


amazing you guys can see just how glowy

my skin

already looks just from using the


it's a must-have if you have dry skin

next i use

cerave's hydrating cream to foam facial


so this cleanses and hydrates your skin

and it doesn't irritate it at all it

helps to remove

excess makeup excess the dirt and stuff

like that

so it is going to clean your skin but

it's not a heavy-duty cleanser

so it's not going to irritate it that's

why i started to use this over

the fresh soy facial cleanser because


more gentle than that face wash and also

it is fragrance free so that's another

key as i mentioned before i just cannot


products with fragrances in them right

now this is what the face wash looks

like it does obviously look like a cream

as you massage it onto your face it

starts to turn into like a foamy

consistency and i wash my face for 60


because anything less than that and it's

just not enough time to clean my face

now i dry my face with a clean washcloth

and then because i have eyelash

extensions i just dry them quickly with

this little mini fan

so because my skin has been so dry and

irritated lately

the high mirror that i mentioned at the

beginning of this video

has been super helpful at helping me

figure out what are the best

products and practices that i should be

using for my skin

to help smooth it out and moisturize it

the high mirror slide is a smart mirror

that you can use

to analyze your skin and you can also

use it to analyze your skin care


you can listen to music with it you can

watch youtube videos

you can even check social media but one

of the most helpful features of the high

mirror for me

has been the skin analyzer feature so

all you do with the skin analyzer is

just take a picture of your face

on the actual mirror and it analyzes

your skin

figuring out where your problem areas

are so for me

my problem areas are my cheeks and my


where it's really red and that's because

that's where it has been super dry and

textured and then also dark circles

which makes sense

because i have a newborn and i'm tired

all the time

it's just kind of funny how the mirror

picked up on that and it's also helped

me to do research and find the perfect

products for my skin the high mirror

also has another feature

called the beauty box which analyzes

skin care products and how they can be

impacting your skin and they also make

recommendations of skin care products

that are perfect for your skin

based on the skin analyzer results that

you received and also based on your

local weather which is really helpful

for me

because i don't know about you guys but

my skin

is just really really impacted by the

weather so in the summer

and spring it's thriving it's glowy and


once fall and winter come around my skin

gets super dry and cracked and irritated

another one of my favorite things about

the high mirror is the fact that you can


youtube videos while you're doing your

skincare routine

while you're putting on your makeup on

the actual

mirror itself you can even minimize the


while you're doing your makeup or your

skincare and still play the audio in the

background but you can have like the

whole mirror to yourself to use

to get ready the mirror also flips into

landscape mode if that's how you prefer

to use it

and also while you're doing your makeup

you can turn on the makeup lights

and watch youtube videos all at the same

time not only is the high mirror slide

great for your everyday personal use it

also makes an

amazing gift and from now until december

27th you can actually get it for

20 off plus free shipping just check the

link in the description of this

video to get your high mirror slide now

we are moving on to the next step which

is a

toner so this is the ordinary's a


acid seven percent toning solution

now first of all i used to like never

use a toner and i also

used to never really exfoliate but this

is great if you're having

you know some breakouts acne prone skin


skin it helps to remove dead skin cells

and everything like that

and just reveal a smoother more fresh

layer of skin and it also helps with

like flakiness and stuff like that and

it is okay to use on an

everyday basis i just have this sitting

in my hand i need to put it on my face

so as you guys just saw i just pour some

into my hand and then i kind of like tap

it together

and then i pat it on my face so

this is a chemical exfoliant i do

have a few other chemical exfoliants

that i like to use

but this is the only one that i use on

an everyday basis

and i found that chemical exfoliants


this ordinary chemical exfoliant has

really helped to clear up

the texture that i had on my cheeks and

the breakouts that i had been getting on

my jawline

the next product is one of my favorites

from this entire

skincare routine and this is the eva


skin clearing serum so i discovered this

while i was researching how to get rid

of textured

bumpy skin this was like one of the most

recommended products

and i ordered this from amazon it has

vitamin c

salicylic acid hyaluronic acid


retinol and msm so basically with all


ingredients it's going to help to smooth

out your skin

and get rid of any acne just like

completely clear your skin and prevent

breakouts but it's also not going to

over dry it

because of the hyaluronic acid so i just

dropped some into my hand and it has a

similar texture to the toner it's

like a watery texture i love this so

much and then i just

rub this on my face patting it gently

oh look at that glow you can definitely

see you can definitely see the glow and

i'm telling you guys i did

not have this like mid-november my skin

was looking rough my next step is


in my last skincare routine i showed you

guys that i had been using a neutrogena

hydro boost water gel moisturizer but i

actually had to stop using this and i

had to switch to

a different version of this moisturizer


first of all this one is scented and


it is not intended for super dry skin

instead now i'm using the neutrogena

hydro boost

cream gel for extra dry skin this is as

it says

more of like a creamy texture or

consistency and then also it is

fragrance free

so i just had this on my face very


massaging it in i'm going to tell you


my favorite step out of this entire

skincare routine and what has

truly helped to smooth out the dryness

on my face this is either the cerave

healing ointment or

the aquaphor and this is baby aquaphor

and both of these

are petroleum based this one

more than this one but basically

my point is that this one is a little

bit pricier

than this aquaphor but i think they do

the same thing

so just get this i just take some on my


and i apply this on my cheeks

so at first it is gonna look really

really kind of oily or just like greasy

a little bit

but i promise it's not my skin it's just

the aquaphor

and it all goes away within like an hour

or so

and it reveals really really smooth and

hydrated skin so i like to just put this


even on the bottom of my face because it

was getting super dry around here as


i am telling you guys if you have dry

skin you need to use this

so this has been my skincare routine it

has been how

i was able to transform my skin

from looking really dry bumpy textured

and just irritated to looking glowy and

smooth again

so i hope that you guys enjoyed this

video again if you want to check out any

of the skincare products

everything will be linked in the

description below also once again thank

you to jaimir for sponsoring this video

and supporting my channel i love all of


and i'll talk to you guys next time