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Sudden Sandy Skin Texture- Remedy | Kryz Uy

hey everybody it's Chris again welcome

back to my Channel today we are gonna be

talking about skin texture I had an

experience a few months ago and it was

quite traumatizing I know traumatizing

is quite a strong word but it did really

make me feel bad my skin has always been

clear saved for a few pimples here and

there maybe the worst that my skin will

get is maybe two pimples at the same

time so it's always been clear I've

always been taking care of my skin

non-stop but one day after a series of

trips to the beach I was in Bali my skin

suddenly started to feel like there was

some sort of weird texture on it and

because it was so new to me actually

thought that it was sand on my face so I

was in Bali then and when I got back to

my hotel room I went to the washroom and

I wash my face and I used an exfoliator

because I thought my skin had sand on it

so after I exfoliated my face and rinsed

it off I looked in the mirror and my

skin looked clear but I could still feel

the texture there the same sandy texture

and they didn't understand why and so I

ignored it and every time I would wash

my face I would keep exfoliating it and

exfoliating it and exfoliating it every

single day or every single wash so that

would be like about twice a day for some

reason my skin never cleared up in fact

it became so bad that maybe in about a

week to ten days later you could visibly

see the skin texture and I felt so bad

that I couldn't wear any makeup because

piling on foundation on top of it would

only make it look worse I couldn't wear

highlighter at first somebody who loves

makeup as much as I do that was such a

big deal like it really felt bad and I

didn't know what was wrong because I

felt like I was taking care of my skin I

still had the same nighttime skincare

regimen and I always removed my makeup

before going to bed so I was very very

confused I did a lot of research and I

tried on a lot of products in order to

hear that but nothing seemed to work so

fast forward I just wanted to share this

video with you guys because I wanted to

show you exactly what I did to get rid

of that skin texture it's not have

happened overnight so I don't know what

the reason

but according to research and consulting

my dermatologist it turns out that my

skin was actually very very dry then it

may be because I was always under the

Sun and in the beach and exposing my

skin to a lot of aggressors it may also

be because I was very dehydrated and I

didn't drink enough water so of course

the skin became really dry and the

doctor told me to think about skin like

lupa Lakeland so you know when the soil

is very very dry it becomes really

porous and cracki and stuff like that if

you exfoliate that already cracked

surface then you're just gonna get it

more crap right it doesn't make sense so

I was exfoliating and exfoliating and

exfoliating and I was only making my

skin texture worse because I was

aggravating it more and more and more

every time I washed it but what I should

have been doing was drink more water

hydrated and moisturize my skin even

more if you think about it if you have a

dry line or a dry surface area that you

add water to that's slowly by slowly

gonna rehydrate it bring back its life

moisturize it and make it healthy again

and that's exactly what I did to my skin

now it did have it overnight I felt the

skin texture overnight but hearing it is

a totally different story it takes so

much longer I know that when you're

having a bit of skin trouble you wanna

mess with your skin even more you wanna

try out all the products buy all the

products because you're desperate to

cure your skin but what I'm telling you

now is that you should actually let your

skin breathe and just drink a lot of

water and hydrated I tried using the

alpha H which is like an acid sort of

mild peel it's called the alpha H liquid

gold and it did help my skin the first

time I used it but second time I used it

it just really aggravated my skin more

when I woke up my skin was all red and

patchy it just felt so sensitive and I

knew that I wasn't doing good for my

skin so I went to the dermatologist and

she told me that I should stop

exfoliating and I should stop using

these peels because our skin only really

needs to be exfoliated once every 28


and to think I was exfoliating my skin

twice a day when you only need to be

exfoliating once every 28 days so can

you imagine how bad I was treating my

skin I was trying to save it but I was

actually really irritating it even more

so the very top layer of our skin is

called our epidermis and that is a very

very thin layer and by exfoliating every

single day I was taking out that layer

and leaving my skin even more exposed to

all these environmental aggressors

that's why I was getting a lot of

irritation and I was so subject to the

sun's UV rays and all these harmful

things because there was no longer that

epidermis layer to protect my skin it's

just a good thing that I remember to

wear sunblock but it could have gotten

way WAY worse and that's why when I

peeled it on top of all the exfoliating

my skin became really red and really

really sensitive the number one thing

that I recommend if you find yourself in

a situation like this is to really

hydrate and moisturize your skin now I

know that there are a lot of

moisturizers out there and serums and

stuff like that but when your skin

becomes really sensitive you want to

stick to products that are more organic

and that are more soft on the skin

especially when it's very very sensitive

and what I recommend you guys using that

really helped me out is something very

affordable and I'm sure you guys are

gonna be happy to know that it's

actually the aloe vera plant and I'm not

talking about the aloe vera that comes

in a gel type that you buy at Watson's

or stuff like that I'm talking about the

actual plant because that way all the

juices and all the things that can

hydrate your skin are still fresh and in

the plant they don't take out anything

to preserve it so what I do with the

aloe vera plant is I cut off a leaf and

then I take out the sharp ends or the

sides using a knife and I cut it up into

pieces I split it in half and you can

already see there's a juicy gel like


I just scrape that onto a little Bowl or

you can also blend it if you like which

is gonna make it easier and it's gonna

give you this goopy sticky transparent

consistency which is what I have over

here right now I just cleanse my face

and apply this all over now it's gonna

feel really gross it's

it's kind of weird but I swear to you I

did this for maybe three four days

Street and it really made my skin feel a

lot better and look a lot better

so you just leather this onto your skin

leave it in for maybe 15 minutes and

then rinse it off and just repeat

whenever your skin needs a little

hydration if you guys are battling skin

texture problems with your skin like I

used to then do give this a try I highly

recommend it it's affordable and you

honestly have nothing to lose so that is

it for today guys I just really wanted

to share this video because I know some

of you out there aren't battling with

this and when I was battling with it I

was researching like crazy about how to

fix it and now that I found my solution

I hope that it can help you fix your

skin problems if you guys like this

video then leave me a thumbs up a

comment down below and I'll see you guys

next time bye