get rid


so the reason I wanted to film this it's

just this is such a common problem yeah

a lot of people get cracked heels and

you don't know what to do

how long have you had cracked heels for

like I can't even remember I think I

started really noticing it right my

skates going into every statement I'm

gonna start scraping it down okay so if

you feel anything you let me know but

you're really trying to feel too much

yet yeah I can't remember it still


I feel like since I was like 19 or 20

then I can kind of remember just getting

cracked heels yeah

so this is a big thing you got a really

high arch so you tend unnaturally to put

a lot more pressure on my heel on your

heels so when we have too much pressure

on skin the body actually builds hard

skin to protect itself okay then what

happens is if we're not moisturizing our

skin or you know we just have really dry

skin or dry environment then that think

callus that has built up will start to

crack and that is cracked heel so people

will try to lather on cream hoping it'll

moisturize it but because there's so

much dead skin it can't get in no so

there's a few things we got to do number

one you have to remove the dead skin so

that's why when you start to see that

it's building up too much you got to use

that file on a regular basis and get the

dead skin down second thing we've been

doing really well in the West is a

moisturizer cream yes never lotion cream

you need something that's thicker that

will be able to penetrate better

Vaseline is too oily so it builds a

barrier on top lotion is too watery and

cream is right in the middle it's like

the Goldilocks of porridge


and then the last thing is padding and

cushioning so the less pressure on the

heel the less hard skin the body's gonna

build up so that's like the perfect

thing is good padding in your Footwear

shaving down the dead skin on a regular

basis so it doesn't have to thicken and

moisturizing and that's gonna stop you

from getting cracked heels it's like

you're going back to school today

exactly thank God it's just me thank you

oh my god people thought this might be


I won't write you out like that door I

said yeah but yeah purposely made it

slow you're at work but you before you

you were in pain though with the cat

feels yep and after last session it felt

pretty good yeah it was great and that's

why you got lazy a little bit with the

well it's not that you might be that you

baby they know about the filing but you

know you can be lazy yeah that's the

part I feel good so people just I'm good

I'm curious and it comes right back

well it's good that he came back some

people never want to see me again

really yeah Paulo since I see critic in

my benefit so why wouldn't you I've

stuck my benefits to like yeah almost

like zero by the end of the year well

for you this is a great service to have

you need it so use it

but what's nice is as I'm scraping it

down I don't see any open cracks

everything's completely closed and we're

using that antifungal spray I gave you


I used like yeah I used the spray and

cream which again will go yes the spray

was what I've linked it between my toes

and the cream is what I thought oh my

god what a good boy see over yeah I did

that for an advert like I honestly I

can't remember you said to do it Fred

can't remember how long but I did it for

probably like twice as long you can do

it for a month no problem well I

probably I did it a hundred percent more

than my it was yeah

and it did but just like the cracked

heels and dry skin it can come back if

you stop drying in between the toes you

know changing a socks more often not

letting the shoes air out all those

things will cause the athlete's foot to

come back

it's not easy you just slack a little

bit everything's right back

no pain no and that's not fun

so parents

it's not fun with up little screams and

cries and yelps why are you cause pain

my Katya the troll unfortunately there's

some treatments that are very

uncomfortable and it is a little hard I

feel like I'm going to hell because I

there's like all these kids I just have

to zap and it's bad with needles

okay ones done we're gonna file that

afterwards let's go to the next one

you know a lot of people have practi

looks like it's wintertime summertime

all the time so you don't my big toe

like how it really rough yeah is that

the same thing yes so I think that's

more callous because if there's no

cracks in it and the reason you're

getting the calluses the hearts can

build up and the big toe gets a lot of

pressure while we're walking or standing

so that's why it's a pressure point so

the more padding and protection you have

underneath that and the more

moisturizing you're doing the less

that's gonna go get that callous it so

you're wearing a cross that one you walk

ya down to my desk

please some of their hot pink another

green where are they over the over the

arch or over the foot or the thumbs out

okay pretty comfy yeah you have a lot of

hardwood floors or towels at home yeah

oh that's why you really need to have

some padding so when you're doing a lot

of standing moving around a little bit

more cushioning

now as much as last time no and they're

not open on bleeding

but I can't believe you've been doing

this every single night that's pretty

good the scraping thing

or you find someone really nice to do it

for you it's gonna be his job no no this

job is you why because every smile

it's just I do it because I can't stand


it's pretty funny

but good that's good if we didn't you

wouldn't be doing it

so this book just has

one kind of deep crack but it's not open

so now that I'll get everything nice and

flat and smooth will be the perfect time

to continue moisturizing it and then

easier for you to file it down and

maintain maintain it

that was a drive down here okay good

actually slip the road ahead of us and

maybe spoiler Li like that's so close

yeah I can walk

but I if you're able to do it yourself

really you shouldn't have to come in for

a 3 3 3 4 months but you can come in

every two three months no prob 2 months

is fine you just come when you need it

have you ever had a pedicure before for

this no really so you just been dealing

with it on your own up why that wouldn't


well some people go because they do file

it down for you rate but if you do it

yourself then

you get to treat yourself at the same


would choose to wear for work

I don't think dress shoot like just

regular like spray girl like all those

have to shoot yeah so sometimes getting

like a little gel pad for the heel might

be nice just to give you a little bit

more padding the best would be a shoe

where you can remove the original

cushion and put maybe a thicker gel

cushion like a doctor Scholl's or

something a gel pad that's gonna give

you more padding

okay so what I'm gonna do is get that

little tool to finish everything off let

me know you know the back of the heels

first and then I'll do the balls of the

foot so any heat you just scream




no heat no


a little mini father

then you can do the ball the foot in a

big bow okay okay last question I'm

happier now centipede

got it yeah that's my joke

or maybe I just have to see one patient

every day that'd be it

see through you like 22


I agree they can be pretty gross on the

bad side but if they're doing pretty

well pretty healthy then Peter Peter


how do you think


today's the first day is your career as

a foot model

a brand new start for you

we're gonna do this all day

okay once you look back at deals if you

were to leave that crack for longer it

would actually split open and to become

a wound baby surviving the tickle fest