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How I turned my Dry Flaky Skin into Radiant Glowing Skin in 1 Step

hi guys and welcome back to my channel

so on my lips today I'm wearing a

combination of these miss Claire soft

matte lip cream one in 52 and the other

one in 10 so I first apply the pink one

and then I dab this a little on it and

it gives a very nice pinkish red shade

and I usually like the way it looks I

mean I do have shades that look like

this but sometimes I just like mixing

palos so in today's video I'm going to

show you how you can turn your extremely

dry and flaky skin into a glowy and

radiant looking skin because nowadays

even if I just wash my face and come out

I still have that glow and my skin does

not look very dry and stretchy so you

it's a very very simple method and you

can do it whenever you feel like I do it

sometimes two times a month or sometimes

once a month I'm not even consistent and

yet the results are so good so yeah

let's see how to do it so I'm just going

to put my hair behind and


I do all the styling to my hair by the

end of the day to look like Lord

Farquaad okay so all you have to do is

just take any aloe vera gel any will do

you can use Patanjali anything I am

using the body Cupid aloe vera gel this

is 99% pure gel this does not have any

fragrance or any kind of color so that's

why I really like it so I'm just going

to take a little bit of that and to that

I'm going to add one full capsule of

this vitamin E oil EB on tablets now the

one that I'm using is 600 mg if you do

not have 600 mg you can use the I think

it's 400 mg yeah you can use that now

I'm sure a lot of you will ask this

question is if you have oily skin can

you use it you can absolutely use it but

just use one or two drops of this oil

because this is quite heavy so I'm just

going to mix this on my hands and

massage it onto my skin




now once I'd massage this on my skin I'm

gonna leave it for max - max 15 minutes

you do not have to leave it for a longer

I just leave it for 15 minutes and then

I wash it off with plain water nothing

but plain water now whenever you're

doing this make sure you have washed

your face and scrubbed your skin I'll

tell you why because if your skin has

all the oil and dirt in it and you know

your pores are not clean then this will

not be as effective as it would be if

your paws were extremely clean and your

face was clean so make sure that you

apply this on a clean face wash it and

scrub it and then apply this somewhere

we'll leave this on for about 15 minutes

and then wash it off now this is how my

skin immediately looks after I do that

your skin will feel a little sticky

there will be a little stickiness a

really tackiness because vitamin E oil

is quite heavy in consistency so if this

doesn't bother you then it's fine but if

it bothers you use of a mild cleanser

gentle cleanser and you can get rid of

it but I usually like it like this and I

like to sleep in with that with that

little bit of oil on the skin I feel

like when I wake up in the morning my

skin looks really healthy and glowy and

radiant but if it bothers you you can

always wash it off now the best time to

do this is at night so that you can

sleep and you do not have to go out in

pollution or in Sun so do it at night

sleep you will absolutely love the

results now people who are confused

it's these it's the yellow tablets not

the green ones this is 600 and I think

the green ones is 400 mg I like using

this but if you have that you can use

that as well

not a problem at all and again if your

skin is oily just use one or two drops

of it you can still use it there's no

harm you're not going to have any kind

of breakout but this you know

you're continuously doing it it will

help in your overall you know in the

overall quality of your skin your skin

will look good it will look radiant

pigmentation small spots dark spots

marks anything will slowly fade away

this does take time but there if this

does take time but the results are

really good so try it and let me know

and if you have any other questions any

other queries you can leave it in the

comment section and I will reply to you

so I hope you girls found this video

helpful and I hope you liked it and if

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