get rid


have you ever had a fridge died and you

stuck with stinky rotten food and it's

overwhelming and you're really not sure

on the counter and garbage day isn't

coming for let's see five days I thought

moldy food and stinky if I put it in the

regular garbage it'll leak everywhere

and I'll have a mouse I can't put it

down the toilet it's too thick and

chunky so let me think how do I get rid

of this because it stinks so much it

can't stay in the house I could put it

in the garden but the animals would take

it out hmm let me see gotta think

something up here wow I guess I can open

the salad and put let's see maybe the

stuff inside with it sure that might

work then I only have one container to

try to get rid of so I'm going to open

that up get the sauce open it up and

dump it on top that will take care of

two containers actually I should have

put the sauce in the sink under hot

running water so the other liquid

containers I'm going to put in the sink

I'm just going to add the hamburgers &

noodles to this one

and you know all the thick stop to this

that I can't put down the toilet cuz I

don't want to plug it there I only have

the one container to worry about I know

what I'll do I'll stick it in the

freezer let it freeze and the day of

garbage I'll put in the garbage bag

that'll work it won't stick and it won't

be in the way so you got to take all

those containers and wash it out well I

don't want to throw a No they're new and

I just bought it so if you rinse it

under the hot water well get rid of the

gravy's first I'm going to get the

bleach unlike them some bleach and water

will kill all the germs they consult a

half an hour I'll wash it out

we just like you so that's what you can

do with your leftovers if you're unsure

just put it all together and freeze it

to garbage day take the liquids rinse

them down the sink hope i helped you you

can do this anytime your fridge is full

that needs a cleaning out you don't have

to wait till garbage day do it in dance

thank you and happy