get rid

Cleaning a Freezer / Smelly Rotten Food Adventure

I bought a house

it came with a razor but I didn't know

that the seller turned it off and he

left stuff in it it's been off for 11

days okay







I don't know what to do with the water








I put bleach in there a bunch of it a

bunch of water and next I guess I'm

gonna scrub it I don't really know how

to do this I'm probably not supposed to

be using bleach maybe like white vinegar

distilled vinegar but this is nice



oh wait this comes out I didn't know

that came out


hi welcome to learn with me the channel

where I have no idea what I'm doing

but I'm gonna try to do it and then you

guys can comment down below about what I

did wrong I'm gonna put this in Bleach

and probably



last thing I'm doing is just putting

more bleaching to the bottom I never

want to do this again

I poured in the last of the bleach

I want to let that marinate for 20

minutes and I'm gonna just wash it out

with some more water and let this thing

air dry for like a few days because I'm

pretty sure I got parts wet that

shouldn't be wet like well that some

stuff back here and now you know how to

clean up a freezer that or you know how

to clean it wrong because I'm not sure

if I did it right but when something's

real nasty I use bleach it's your

freezer and it was your crap that was in

there you might want to consider like

distilled vinegar or just google it

because there's probably better methods

than than this box please go and do that

elsewhere this is not that kind of

channel I did don't forget to subscribe

cause those channels are really exciting

who knows what's gonna be up next but

I'm a homeowner now so it could be

anything but oh well let me say I'm

really upset with Home Depot how big

this is do you see this

they only had extra-large and extra

extra large

so thanks Home Depot for providing a

size for women and people of the smaller

size because I mean come on a smaller

people do projects to at least be a

little bit more inclusive I'm feeling

really left out it's like you're telling

me that women don't do projects like

this or painting this is actually for

painting but still so Wyatt so what I

paint - sorry ladies Home Depot only

offers this outfit and Frosty the



Mount Gravatt only true