get rid

Aquarium Odor Stinks Like Rotten Eggs?!

today's question is my fish tank stinks

I have a video on this that is years old

and I apologize because I have some

repeat videos but I'm just answering

questions because instead of typing to

these people I just rather shoot a quick

video and upload it because it's easier

and then future people can watch the

video and learn from it okay so step one

if your tank stinks you need to get a

water testing kit first of all that way

it you need to narrow it down to

specific things it could be in the tank

first of all most commonly it's your

water get a water testing kit strip the

tetris strips are easy if you don't want

to mess around with all the liquid vials

and so forth the tetris tips are really

good I'll throw a link in the

description box certain brands of the


are aren't reputable so you got to use

specific ones there's a link in the

description box test your water see if

your nitrates are too high or your

ammonia is too high if your ammonia soo

high maybe your tank is in cycles well

enough etc let's move on past water next

yeah it could be a dead fish is

something decaying in your your tank

maybe you have a hidden dead fish in

your tank I always tell people when

you're cleaning your tank to move

everything and rearrange everything

every time you do a gravel cleaning /aa

water change just because I'm always

fascinated by how much like debris will

build up on the side of a rock just from

sitting there for a week and I'll think

oh I'm just going to grab will vacuum

around it this one time every time you

got to lift it up and just move things

around it really helps keep the tank

just a healthier because you have a

better hand on how clean it actually is

by moving everything around and I know

it sucks because well I got a we were

paying them

and I know it sucks moving stuff around

because you have a certain aquascape

that you're obsessed with and you don't

want to move it around well just maybe

just lift it up and then put it back

down get the gravel vacuum in there

thirdly how dirty is your gravel that is

another really miss common deal that

beginners miss they're like oh I have to

clean the gravel yeah I get people

telling me oh I haven't cleaned my

gravel in a year man and my tanks fine

your fish are probably on the edge of

their life to be honest with me and you

got to do gravel vacuums because in

aquariums everything sinks to the bottom

and that's where everything that's nasty

falls to the bottom so you got to do a

gravel vacuum next on the list would be

a dead fish I said that next I would say

it's something else around the tank you

know Oh lids you should get lids on your

tank not 100% totally sealed but you

know 80% of the way seal just because um

everything if it's you know you're

withholding everything within the tank

and some people will argue oh well

you're just smothering it you know

within the tank so when you open the lid

it's just going to explode in here and

really smell um that is a valid argument

sorry I'm adjusting my phone here my

arms getting sore after three minutes of

video that is a valid argument but I've

found that lids work better and I've

moved over back to having lids and all

my tanks it's just better get some lids

lastly um let's try to think what else

it could be

food fish food stinks I've learned that

people a a couple of my colleagues have

told me that

fish food is the the reason their fish

room smells you know you've got big bags


like this this stuff stinks so what I've

done to combat it let's move here with

me is you buy these zip locks the

expensive zip locks for you hide your

food within the ziplock and I've

actually literally double bagged foods

like this this has a zip lock on it and

it stinks through the zip lock I don't I

don't know how but I will literally

double bag this maybe even triple bag it

because my wife my wife's pregnant right

now and her sense of smell she can smell

what is on the bottom of your shoes like

literally my fish room is a bit

bothersome to her right now especially

because she's pregnant

so um bag brie bag or fish food I'm

trying to think what else it could be

I've listed 4 thing 4 or 5 things so

after that you're going to just you're

going to want to do water changes you

know maybe something's not right

make sure your tank is cycled if you're

having any problems with the whole cycle

process I know it is confusing go to

your local fish store and ask them for a

used filter or a chunk of the padding

out of their filter system and throw it

in your filter and it'll jumpstart your

whole system that's the easiest way to

do it I tell tons of newbies to do that

and I've even done it way back in the

day now what I do when I'm setting up a

new tank is I'll just take the filter

and throw it on the new tank and just

jumpstart it so once you're going it's a

lot easier

yeah I've been babbling now for five

minutes and yeah I got fish bagging all

over the place I'm convinced no matter

how much you feed them they always want

more and I'm worried about my water so

yeah anyways that's it for this video

why does your aquarium smell um don't

worry about it just get it fixed do

water changes get the tanks cycled make

sure there's no dead fish bagged up your

food um get lids on your tank etc it's a

it seems like a lot but it's really not

so and I've learned to not even notice

his smell this smells heaven for me my

fishroom is like I hope my clothes smell

like it I should be that weird I'll at

work that everyone's like hey hey you

know Chris stinks you know ah yeah I'm

not crazy cat lady with fish um yeah

that's it guys um it's kind of cool I'm

getting back in the youtubes more and

more now I got a couple channels if

you're interested just hit me up

I got moderator messages just flying all

over my screen here all right cool guys

I got to get back to the betta fish

keepers group we have a group chat

interview tonight or interviewing for

new moderators so not that you care I'm

just blabbing all right I'm up