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Why Do Your Farts Smell So Bad? | Causes of Smelly Farts | Sameer Islam Videos


in this video today I'm gonna tell you

exactly why your farts smells so bad

which is very end of the video I'll tell

you exactly what you can do about this

and what we can do to help this out so

for those guys who are joining me today

my name is dr. Samir Salaam and yes I am

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learn more information but what I won't

talk about today but today's question

actually comes from a patient it's a

very good question I love this question

patient asked me hey dr. Islam why do my

farts smell so bad now I know you guys

have been asking this question or

wondering about this because she is not

the only one who asked his question who

asked me why do my farts smell so bad

so before we begin let's talk about what

exactly is going on when we passed gas

so whenever we pass gas what is going on

is a lot of the food or the things that

we eat go inside the colon the colon and

the small intestine have a lot of

bacteria that's in there now bacterias

used to help digest some of the foods

get some of our nutrients and one of the

but one of the side effects of that is

that the bacteria will produce gas by

fermentation which is why we produce

guests the second thing we'll let you

guys know is that passing gas not only

is it normal but it's not supposed to

smell great I mean it's just the way it

is if you're expecting your farts to be

roses or smell like lemonade or smell

like flowers guess what

that is not going to happen it's just

not the way it's going to be I'm sorry

so I hate to break that bubble for you

but there are a number of reasons why

you may have really bad gas the number

one reason could actually be the foods

that we eat there are a lot of foods

that we have that are very hard to

digest or make it more difficult to

digest then the common foods for bad gas

include milk products or dairy products

maybe some gluten products are certain

carbohydrates or a third set of food

what are called the FODMAPs these are

particular carbohydrates which are known

to be very hard

if you ingest these foods this may be a

reason why you're having such really

really really bad gas second reason is

that you actually may have an overgrowth

of bad bacteria inside your GI tract

which can manifest as really bad gas if

you have a lot of bad bacteria and that

bad bacteria caused a lot of more

fermentation than what we normally have

this could be another reason why you're

having such bad gas and it could be

another reason why things are not

producing the way that we want to the

third common reasons that you actually

may be having a lot of constipation not

realizing it so whenever we have stool

that stays inside the GI tract that

stool wall spruce a lot of gas a lot of

fermentation if you're not having

consistent bowel movements or you suffer

from constipation that may be another

reason why you're having such really

really bad gas so now that we talked

about gas what can we do to fix that so

obvious number one is avoid the foods

that cause bad gas dairy products

lactose yogurts things like that number

twos I tried to go on what's called the

low fodmap diet if you don't know what

it is I have multiple videos on with low

FODMAP fodmap diet is but minimizing

your carbohydrates minimizing those

FODMAPs will help out when it comes to

gas the third thing you may want to try

consider is what is trying

over-the-counter gas medication so

things like gas X B you know items like

that will help out with gas then lastly

if you have issues with constipation

talk to your healthcare provider about

what you can do to have more effective

bowel movements but thank you guys for

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