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Why Do My Farts Smell So Bad? | Everything Explained HD

you what is that smell who cut the

cheese everybody passes gas but what you

may not know is there are lots of

different kinds of well farts but why do

we fart in the first place and why do

they stink the average person lets out a

little less than a liter of gas per day

but it doesn't all come out at once

most people let her rip around 10 to 20

times a day yeah seriously and before

you laugh this off as BS realize a lot

of gas gets passed while you're asleep

whether or not fart to make a noise has

to do with the shape of the sphincter

when gas is released so you'll make a

different noise if it's tight then if

it's more relaxed but what's in a fart

exactly the chemical makeup of past gas

is mainly nitrogen some hydrogen a bit

of carbon dioxide some methane and a

little bit of oxygen and the stench

comes from miniscule amounts of ammonia

hydrogen sulfide and well excrement

which can be smelled at one part to one

hundred million parts air you can also

blame your mom for the smell yep your

mom you see while the smell of

flatulence does have to do with the

amount of absorbed products as a result

of the fermentation of what we eat it's

also influenced by your mother's colon

during birth when exiting the vaginal

canal you're also subject to the

bacteria in your mother's colon that

comes out in the birthing process and

that's the bacteria to populate your gut

for the rest of your life

in fact some researchers think that

babies delivered by c-section are at

greater risk of developing certain

illnesses because they bypass this

bacterial dunking about 75% of your

farts are produced by the bacteria in

your lower intestine you break wind when

food passes through your stomach and

small intestines without completely

being broken down so the food reaches

your large intestines undigested

and the bacteria in your large

intestines get to work digesting it this

is actually called fermentation since

the bacteria is breaking down chains of

carbohydrates into carbon dioxide

hydrogen and methane and those gases

make up your farts it's not a myth

certain foods do make you toot more

beans lentils asparagus broccoli cabbage

corn pasta lactose fructose and

carbonated drinks like beer and soda

these items contain certain carbs that

don't break down very much in the

stomach and ultimately provide a feast

for the bacteria in our large intestines

so what if you have a lot of gas again

farting is totally normal but it is

possible for your body to overdo it

medical professionals recommend keeping

a food diary that way you can see which

foods are linked to higher gas

production you could also consider

taking a supplement that contains

digestive enzymes to help break down

those hard to digest foods swallowing

too much air can make you extra gassy to

things like chewing gum eating too fast

smoking and drinking a lot of carbonated

beverages can cause an uptick in your

consumption of air which results in

bloating burping and air from down there

so remember the next time you break wind

everybody tubes but just because it's

perfectly natural it doesn't make it


and if lifestyle changes don't work

consider you seeing a doctor do you have

a tip for avoiding flatulence