get rid

WHAT are your farts telling you? Nutritionist Kim D'Eon decodes main causes of your gas.

okay so here we are back in part two of

Bart's where I promised you I would tell

you all about what your farts are

telling you because I got a great

question that came in and I think in

answering that I'll help you all out

with deciphering your farts I've always

been a gassy person I'm constantly

holding in my gas and often have cramps

because of it and when I finally can let

it out it smells terrible

I'm starting to think this isn't normal

is it okay alright okay let's get into


what are your farts telling you is it

normal like I said in the previous video

everyone parts about 10 to 20 times a

day some of them have a little bit of a

stank to them because there is sulfur up

in there but you know if you're farting

all the time and it's causing you

discomfort and pain then they're they're

quite stinky it could mean quite a lot

of things and it all comes down to

digestion so I'm just going to take you

through the various different things

that might be going wrong with your

digestion that is contributing to

excessive gas and the first one is you

might have a carbohydrate intolerance

now this is a really interesting thing

that happens when we eat too much of one

food all the time and we exhaust the

enzymes needed to digest those foods in

a lot of cultures carbohydrates refined

carbohydrates are a food that we eat all

the time since we're little and so we

will often deplete the enzymes needed to

break those carbohydrates down properly

and so we're not really digesting them

properly I told you what happens to

undigested food in the system the

bacteria feed off of it and they create

gas so you might have a carbohydrate

intolerance you might be low in amylase

or one of the other enzymes that breaks

carbs down or you might actually have a

gluten sensitivity again a lot of people

have a sensitivity to gluten and gliadin

their large protein molecules and often

are hard to digest then there is of

course celiac disease which would often

be accompanied by a lot of a lot of

cramping diarrhea and vitamin

deficiencies if you think you have

celiac disease please go get tested and

of course then you'd have to avoid

strictly anything that has gluten in it

and number two would be an intolerance

to Dairy which is very similar to the

carbohydrate intolerance where you are

just lacking the enzyme necessary to

break down the sugars that are on milk

now the sugars that are in milk are

called lactose we need an enzyme called

lactase to break down that sugar if we

are missing that or it's exhausted

because we've been having too much dairy

our entire lives again undigested sugars

in your system bacteria feed off of it

too much gas so if you suspect you might

be lactose intolerant you can take an

enzyme that has lactate in it or you

could try giving up dairy or cutting it

back a lot and see how that helps you

also a lot of people just have a hard

time digesting dairy for a whole other

reason there's casein in it it's a large

protein molecule and it's a highly

allergenic food so a lot of people

aren't digesting dairy properly anyway

and so it could be that in that case an

enzyme won't help you I would just

suggest to cut back or cut it out and

see if you get less gas so the third

reason that you might be having

excessive yucky farts is because you

might be eating too much meat or maybe

me just doesn't agree with you now meat

is really hard to digest so a lot of us

have compromised digestion already but

you don't have good stomach acid your

pancreas isn't working as effectively at

you know releasing the enzymes that you

need to digest meat so a lot of people

do have problems digesting meat properly

so it goes through the system very

slowly it kind of hangs around it's

there's a lot of undigested particles

and proteins going through your system

that bacteria can feed on and putrefy

and whatnot so that might be one of your

issues if that is an issue and you think

you're eating maybe too much meat again

cut back or cut it out for a while see

what happens take it take a food journal

just to mark your progress so you know

if it's actually that or maybe it's

something else now one of the most

common reasons that people have

excessive gas and I fart just way too

much is because of bad food combining

now this is a little bit tricky because

there's the whole thing to get into

about what foods combine well with other

foods and I'm not going to get into it

right now because it is a little bit

complicated and a lot of people can't

really effectively incorporate proper

food combining into their lives on

if you have a superior problem and you

want to try food combining I highly

recommend it it's very very good but for

the average person I like to just point

out one or two things about food

combining and that is fruit digests a

lot quicker than other foods so it's

best to try to have fruit alone and away

from other foods and then you have like

proteins and starchy carbs which digests

a totally different rate they need

different enzymes to do the digesting

and so when you combine those two things

and say like a hamburger or spaghetti

and meatballs that compromises digestion

and then you get gas for the reasons I

mentioned about so if you're really

concerned about it try to eat fruits

alone and also try not to have starchy

carbs with your animal proteins the

fifth reason that you might be having

too much gas state starts is because you

might be constipated now if you're

constipated you know now if you're

constipated all that is sort of roughage

and undigested food or part indigestion

Balma Tyrael it's sitting around in your

colon and bacteria will continue to feed

off of it and it will continue to create

gas and often that can be more odorous

because of the type of food that it is

in the type of bacteria that's digesting

it in the colon so try and get things

moving that's a whole other conversation

but constipation can be a reason for

smelly and excessive gas so the sixth

reason that you might be having too much

gas or what your body might be trying to

tell you with all of that gas is that

you have a yeast overgrowth so there's a

yeast that we have naturally in our

systems called candida it needs to be

there it can be beneficial but if too

much of it occurs because it's feeding

on too many of these undigested sugars

then we have a an imbalance in our gut

bacteria it's dysbiosis candidiasis you

might have heard it being called a lot

of different things but basically if you

have too much yeast it kind of turns

into it'll it's it changes its structure

from small or yeast organisms to the

larger unfriendly fungus that can I mean

this is a whole other condition but your

body might be telling you that you have

too much Candida in the system too much

yeast it's feeding on the undigested

sugars you will know that like as soon

as you eat a pizza crust or beer or

cookies and candies that

you instantly get gas that could be

yeast overgrowth and then the seventh

reason is you might have an infection in

your gut lining so you might have a

parasite or fungus bacteria that sort of

lodged in your gut lining which would be

feeding off your food and creating a lot

of gas if you suspect you might have an

infection obviously you need to go to

the doctor and get that sorted out

there's lots of different things that

you can do naturally to try and get rid

of infections but you know that could be

one of the reasons so there you have it

those are seven things that your body

might be trying to tell you with your

excessive farting if you're wondering

which it could be for you what I would

tell you to do right now is start a food

journal just map out the next seven days

on a little chart write down everything

you eat when you eat it and then about

20 minutes after to a half an hour after

write down how you feel and if you have

any symptoms and then when you review

that a week after it might help point to

you know it's like a little mystery it

might help you do some Sherlock Holmes

in on your own diet and try and get to

the bottom of why you may be farting too

much yes so I hope this helped I know

that it's something a lot of people

don't like to talk about but it's really

important to know what your body's

telling you and if your digestion is off

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actually do have a third part to this

farting bonanza and it's going to talk

about all the things that you can do to

stop farting so much if farting is a

problem for you excessive gas is a

problem for you and your loved ones I've

got a list of things that you could be

doing and eating to make your life a

little bit better and that's going to be

in next week's Q&A so keep your eye out

for that in the meantime I wish you

healthy bellies and happy lives