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How to get rid of rotten egg taste burps (sulfur burps)

Hey guys, it's Andrew Esquivel here and if you found this video you're here for one reason

and that reason it to figure out how to get rid of those disgusting, rotten egg-like tasting

burps. Also known as - sulfur burps. Now, as a disclaimer, I want to say that before

you do anything related to what I'm about to tell you, consult a doctor, or pharmacist,

or any medical professional that could help you with this particular situation. Now, a

very common reason for the sulfur burps is from a germ/bacteria, whatever it might be,

called Helicobacter pylori, or H pylori for short. It's in your stomach and its what going

to be causing this issue. Now, the simple way or quick way to get rid of it is actually

going to be Pepto Bismal Max Strength (oddly enough). The ingredients in here actually

kill the bacteria and if you kill the bacteria the taste from those burps goes away pretty

quickly. We're talking maybe between 1-2 hours you should notice a dramatic difference. So,

long story, short, if you're having the sulfur burps, take some Pepto Max Strength and also

follow the recommended guide for taking any sort of medicine and make sure before you

take it that it is in fact safe for you to take it. In my experience, I just had this

issue and i just grid this after doing some research on the internet and it worked so

I thought i would pass along the information to you and hopefully this will help. If it

doesn't, I read that sometimes milk of magnesia can help as well. I've also read that drinking

a lot of water along with the Pepto Bismal. Other than that, good look and I hope you

can figure this out a little faster than I did. So, thanks for watching guys. Hope it