get rid

Have holes in your Rose Leaves? You probably have Rose Slugs.


hi this is Bob Lawson and this is a

weekly dirt this week we'd like to talk

about one of the most common problems we

see during the month of June

right now it's a beautiful day mid June

here in Fishers Indiana and I am with

the knockout Rose one of our most

popular plants and like I said the most

common problem we see during this time

of the year is people bring in samples

of their leaves and complain that

there's something wrong as either a

disease or something's eating it they

can never find the bug what this

actually is it is a bug the pest is

called the rose slug which is actually a

very tiny worm they're lime-green they

blend into the leaf so they're very hard

to see but you can see it a close-up of

the test right here that there's two

stages and this leak being eaten there's

large holes that are all the way through

the leaf and then there are these holes

that look like just a bottom layer has

been eaten in the film over the top is

still there so it looks like a light

brown spot where some people think as a

disease but it's actually the little

tiny tiny tiny baby Rose slugs that

can't eat all the way through the leaf

yet left unchecked these little guys can

actually kill your rosebush they will

eat it until it's completely bare and

nothing but a lacy resemblance of what

used to be a plant so they can kill your

rose if you don't do anything about it

and I'm going to show you how to do that

the products like eight and seven do

what's called a contact kill whenever

you spray the Rose anything any of the

pests that it touches it will feel but

also at least some residual on the leaf

as the pest is doing its job and eating

through the plant they will get some of

that chemical and eventually die another

product that you can use is bayer rose

and flower called a systemic which means

that the active ingredients are forward

into the ground and taken up through the


almost like if you're a human and you

get a shot at the doctor you take

vitamins it just makes the plant

stronger and it prevents and stops pest

infestations by having the chemical

pumped through their their veins

basically so today I'm going to use

eight and like you saw the pest is on

the underside of the leaf the row slug

so what we're going to do is coat the

plant with eight we're going to try to

stoke as much of the plant as we can but

since this pest was on the underside of

the leaf also wear your gloves and try

to get in underneath and get some of

this product into the center of the

plant and on the underside of the leaves

as much as you can get in there it's

just going to help a couple important

things to note you never want to spray

insecticides during the heat of the day

always do it in the morning or later in

the evening when the full Sun is not

shining on the least as it can burn also

for heavy infestations you may want to

spray every 10 days up to three