get rid

Save your roses with this home remedy


take time to go out there and smell the

roses the reason why you may go to your

roses and discover that bugs have gotten

to them not a Fidel's things like that

so what do you do if you discover that

you have damage on your plant first

thing you want to do is clean that plan

up so any of the leaves that are there

or any of the flowers that have been

spent you want to go through and clean

them up next thing that you want to do

and maybe you should even do this before

you see that damage is do a spraying of

insecticidal soap so you can go out and

get bug be gone or what you can do is do

your own home remedy using spray bottle

and you need some liquid just so you're

going to take five tablespoons five

tablespoons of this in the one gallon of

water and then you're going to put it in

a spray bottle just like this either in

the morning or in the evening when the

Sun is at its lowest intensity you're

going to go spray to try to do the top

side and underside of those leaves and

that's air will either prevent or remedy

some of the effects that you're going to

have by bug damage on your roses there

you have it simple soap and water