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How to Remove Rose Bush Roots



how to remove rosebush roots

rose-bushes must be removed for a number

of reasons to ensure the health of other

plants disease throws bushes can spread

foggy spores to other bushes or plants

in your yard likewise a dead rosebush

takes up valuable space and acts as an

eyesore to your garden be sure that the

plant is beyond saving prior to removal

funds aside pesticide sprays or

amendments to your watering and

fertilizing routine may be able to

restore a plant's health things you will

need shovel funds aside pesticide

garbage bag pruners water the soil

thoroughly in the morning be careful not

to let the water splash on surrounding

rose bushes because it can promote fungi

disease like black spots and rust choose

the time early in the day so that the

water can evaporate and not affect the

other rose bushes thrown away the rose

bush so that it is easier to left be

sure to place all diseased or dead

leaves in a garbage bag leftover debris

can be a healthy environment in which

funny spores can live to get least 12

inches from the base of the tree to

ensure you can lift underneath the root

system use your shovel to wiggle and

expose the roots cut off any stubborn

roots with sharp pruners pull the rose

push up with Thoren proof gloves or wrap

a towel around the plant locate all

remaining roots and dig them out any

leftover diseased roots can spread

disease or infect the next plant you

grow in the planting site throw away or

burn the rose plant immediately

tips warnings take your rosebush into a

nursery to ask about the cause of death

if no disease is found then conduct a

soil pH test on the growing area to make

sure the acid and alkaline balance is

within range for growing rose bushes

avoid using herbicide on your plant

because it can hurt surrounding plants

or change the soils pH balance