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How to Naturally kill rid insects Aphids from Roses & Garden DIY

so here's my Rose Garden and

unfortunately I found a nasty pests

they're known as Athens they're

soft-bodied little insects they get

right under the leaves and they get on

the rosebuds

and they suck out the juices they'll

eventually kill till your plants or

vegetables they've gotten to it so we

teach you guys an organic and effective

and an economical way of exterminating

these guys what it does is um here it is

just this dish detergent what you simply

do is you mix six tablespoons per gallon

okay if you're gonna use two gallons is

gonna be 12 tablespoons what you do is

simply put the detergent in there first

okay and then add the water and you

would just stir with some little stick

you don't want to shake it up or else

it's gonna be all bubbly and you know

but anyways the key is you don't want to

do this in the early you want to do it

early morning or in the evening when the

Sun is kind of down or else you're gonna

fry up here your your plants and your

rose bushes so now is a good time to do


see these aphids right here so what you

soon to do I already mix it up and I'm

almost done with the job we don't want

to show you all so you just spray

underneath a lot of people say that you

want to you know

rinse them off with water afterwards or

you know shoot a jet of water to get rid

of aphids first but once you do that

then they're ready on the ground and

spraying them down doesn't really dry

them out and kill them so what I simply

do is I don't rinse them off I don't all

I simply do is go straight on the aphids

while they're there so they can get a

dose of their medicine here okay

spray them off just like that

I got this here from Harbor Freight for

about 12 bucks

there's coupons available for 20 or 25%

off you know came out just like ten

bucks and it's a really good way of

applying this dish detergent so in a

nutshell just spray off scram off okay

I'm not gonna rinse them off with water

afterwards okay all you do you want to

make sure you get the bottom of the

lease as you can see here and that

should do the trick when I come out

tomorrow they should be gone hopefully

pretty sure they will be and gets rid of

your athens so hope you guys liked my

video please subscribe and like

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for south