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How I Cured Rosacea For Good! - 6 Steps

hi Chelsea Gelson here and I'm from

traveling cig and I'm here today to talk

to you about rosacea and how I cured it

so if you're anything like me and you

found yourself on this video then you

probably are thinking that's impossible

because you've been told that rosacea is

not curable

well about two years ago I noticed that

my face was starting to get red and

bumpy especially when I drink wine white

wine in particular I would notice that

on my cheeks sometimes a little bit

crawling up my chest as time went on and

only took a little while I started to

notice that more and more and then it

was getting really bumpy and it wasn't

going away just when I went to sleep and

woke up the next morning it was kind of

staying and I noticed that a lot of

foods a lot of activities so many things

were making my face so red and inflamed

so I went to a dermatologist she put me

on some medicine that didn't work for me

but she also told me that rosacea is not

curable and in a lot of cases it only

gets worse which was pretty

disheartening so I tried every remedy

under the Sun honestly anything that's

out there I read every single article

possible on how to not even fix it how

to deal with it or manage rosacea and

I'm going to give you the six things

that cured my rosacea that actually

cured it so I did everything in

conjunction so I know that you know it

was some combination of all of these but

I'm going to give you them in order of

how I think that they helped number one

it's diet so your stomach is a gateway

to your face anything that comes up on

your face is usually a result of your

stomach or something else going on

inside your body it just so happens that

at the time when I started to get

rosacea I noticed that I was having all

these digestive issues a doctor told me

it might be Crohn's disease which also

they said it's uncurable and now I'm

completely fine but so I saw all these

doctors they were putting me on

everything for me relax all these

different like pills and prescriptions

none of it works and I finally went to a

Chinese medicine doctor who put me on

this diet and let me

this diet sounds horrible and it was but

when you get so frustrated and I was

just at the point that I wasn't living

my life you know I did want to go out

with my friends that come to travel you

know I just felt so uncomfortable about

my skin but also my stomach issues that

it was really it had been affecting my

life for so long that I was ready to try

anything so I did this diet and I'm

gonna share it with you and basically

it's everything is cooked and no gluten

and no dairy

so for breakfast I would have oatmeal

with like bananas or apples or whatever

berries I had cooked into the oatmeal

with almond milk and then for lunch and

dinner I would have boiled vegetables

boiled chicken bone broth rice like

anything cooked usually in a crock pot

with not a lot of flavor so I would make

a big crock pot full of like cabbage

chicken all kinds of things like all

types of vegetables sweet potatoes I ate

a lot of sweet potatoes again cooked in

the crock pot and that's really all that

I ate for like two months and then I'm

gonna have like some granola and some

kind of mixture making sure that it's

gluten free a lot of grains like I tried

to be kind of carb heavy and I do

believe that this really really helped I

noticed within three weeks that my skin

started to feel better and also my

digestive system started to feel better

when I got off this die and it was

pretty abruptly I went away for about

shre a party with friends and all of a

sudden I went from having no coffee no

alcohol nothing fun - drinking tequila

and in Mexico and eating stuff that I

hadn't eaten in a long time so I did

notice the road they should come back a

little bit but not nearly as bad as it

had been before so once I got back home

from this trip I started a food

and I was so careful about how I

recorded everything so right away I

noticed that eggs bothered me so I have

been you know used to having eggs in the

morning as I loved eggs and I noticed

that within 30 minutes eating that my

cheeks would be so red in a hot to the


I noticed that coffee really bothered me

not as much if I added some almond milk

to it or had a cappuccino or a latte but

I did notice that caffeine really

bothered my cheeks

obviously alcohol did not help the

situation especially wine that was so

hard for me to drink without my face get

inflamed chocolate I notice some trouble

with there was a whole list of foods

that right after 8th unlike within 30

minutes I've been known as my face get

inflamed so keeping this diary and I

also kept track of when I was going the

bathroom and how my digestive system was

going keeping this Diary gave me a

window into my trigger food they might

be different for you those ones really

bothered me so I started to try to

eliminate them or have less of them and

be as careful as I could about what I

was putting in my body I also make sure

that I took a really good probiotic to

keep my gut bacteria nice in my stomach

I had green tea a lot usually at room

temperature and then I had to Miren and

ginger every day I would Tran some apple

cider vinegar I would try to have some

kind of tea or use them with my cooking

or something but tumeric and fresh

ginger grated were important they were

essential to keeping inflammation down

moving on number 2 I started to get LED


so LED facials are basically put on this

mat and there is a bunch of different

lights you can use but Green is supposed

to be the most common if pulses light I

guess into your skin I'm not a hundred

percent sure at work but this place

that's the street for me was advertising

it for for it and I bought enough of


got a special so it only cost me 30 or

40 dollars each time that I went in I

was doing this once a month I noticed

results for in this two or three days

after I would go I would notice that my

skin felt clear they have at home

LED face lamp kids I've never used them

I know they're not as powerful as the in

salon ones but you can use them everyday

so that might be something to look into

if you don't have a facial place near

you that offers this for as good of a

discount as I was getting it now that my

rosacea has cleared up I still got these

LED facials but just maybe once every

four months or five bucks okay number

three so the stuff I was putting on my

face before I got rosacea was it was so

bad I had so many chemicals in it and

had fragrances in it I was kind of all

over the place with my facial skin care

regime once I got rosacea I started to

only use a different research I only use

this brand called Paula's Choice and I

really loved their stuff because they

had a line that was especially for

people with rosacea or sensitive skin or

some kind of skin problems but also if

they had tried skin which was I've been

probably my number one issue next to

rosacea and rosacea can be very drying

so I would do an overnight mask on my

face every night and then I would use

her date cream which had a little bit of

SPF which is so important for people

with rosacea the Sun can really inflame

your skin instantly so using those three

products from her and then I just used a

gentle oil cleanser that I bought from

Trader Joe's to wipe off any makeup that

I wore at that day

speaking of makeup so I started to use

BB creams only because I didn't want to

clog my pores now it doesn't matter

which BB cream you use but I what which

brand you use

I definitely recommend using one for

acne because it has salicylic acid in it

and just enough that it can help with

the inflammation so it's obviously used

for acne that's the primary purpose of

it but I did definitely notice help with

rosacea and I wanted to cover the

rosacea every day so having something

that covered it and felt like it was

treating it definitely helped me a lot

and I can recommend that so make sure

that you go through all of your makeups

you don't want anything thick and heavy

that will clog your pores and make

things worse

BB creams are your best path of least

resistance and helping cure the skin and

also covering it up okay next I want to

talk about stress I think stress is

probably way more important than I'm

giving it credit for in my list of most

important to least important but

managing stress is definitely something

that will help with your rosacea I

noticed that when I was at my most

stressed my skin wasn't flamed even my

neck would be especially if I felt like

rushed or like my heart was beating

really fast so I had to cut out any of

my workouts that were specifically

making my heart race so I was doing a

lot of rhesus camp a lot of cycle house

a lot of these awesome workouts that are

so good for you that I was noticing that

my stress levels in there were so high

and just that kind of working out

bringing all the blood to the surface on

my skin was making my rosacea come on so

quickly and then stay for so long so I

cut out all of those like stress

inducing workouts I tried to do a lot

more yoga and just you know regular easy

gentle stretching and Pilates I try to

have a meditation practice which I still

have not honed in but I did try to be

mindful so every morning when I was

having my tea you know I tried to sip it

nice and slowly I tried to make sure

that I ate nice and slowly really so I

could kind of focus on my body and how

much my body was processing things that

oh did my cheeks feel hot there but this

kind of slowed me down a lot I tried to

get more sleep which is so important

and just like general well-being you

know I just kind of tried to take

everything with a grain of salt and not

let stress get the best of me so that my

skin was not affected by the stress

lastly you don't want to be in a hot

place it's like you don't want to be in

saunas you don't want to be in the steam

rooms you don't want to be doing hot

yoga in a hundred degree room because

your face will become inflamed it's

really important to stay away from those

hot hot places that trigger your skin

another thing that I realized was that

having super hot tea when I went to

tears I set my face would immediately

become red and the bumps would come up

so no hot tea like super hot tea you

know you can leave it up for a little

bit no super hot foods you want you to

keep your temperature of your house at

like 60 degrees always the same not

going from extreme a/c to extreme heat

easier than said than done if you live

somewhere that's hot and humid but just

be as mindful as you can and those are

the things I actually did so many other

things like I got acupuncture and use

essential oils and tried all this other

stuff but these are the main things that

I strongly believe that this combination

of these six things helped me so much

and now I can honestly say that in

rosacea free ice till I'm a little bit

careful you know I think that caffeine

can still bother me sometimes but it's

not the red bumps that it'll just be

pink flushed in my cheeks which is so

much better than something I can totally

handle and please leave a comment below

if something else has helped you or

you've tried something it hasn't helped

you like I'd love to help you along your

journey but also so we can have

community so we can help each other

everyone's going to be different on what

works for them but I truly believe that

there is a cure and not your path

doesn't have to be well this is who I am

and I have rosacea for the rest of my

life you know it can be fixed

Whole Foods eating healthy eating clean

and letting go of stress

the way you put on your skin isn't

irritating it and you can see results

thank you for watching I am going to do

a full write-up with a nice blog post at

traveling big calm so make sure to check

it out