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My Natural Rosacea Treatment

hi everybody it's Brad with the big

family homestead and in this video I am

super excited to be showing you how I

deal with my rosacea

I just got a colloidal silver we're like

going to go a colloidal silver making

machine and I've been using colloidal

silver on my rosacea and it's been

working now before we go any further I'm

not a doctor nor do I play one on TV

this is not medical advice this is just

what happens for me so you figure out

what you need to do with your doctor but

it's working for me so here we go

that's right I am in no way a medical

doctor this is not medical advice I'm

just telling you what has happened in my

own experience and that is this if

you've known the channel for any long

amount of time you've known that my face

gets really really nasty bright red and

gross pimply and I went to the doctor

finally and he said guess what brother

you have rosacea so he sent me home with

his tube of goo and for about two weeks

it worked really well and then the third

week it started not to work and I

thought to myself boy am I in for a long

hard haul on this well a friend

suggested hey I know the benefits of

colloidal silver for this this this and

this and it seems to be the kind of

thing that would treat that kind of an

ailment why not try it

so I basically stopped using the

medicine that the doctor gave me and I

started just basically taking a face

wash just a small amount of face wash

wash my face once or twice a day with

the the colloidal silver and it pretty

much is gone gone gone gone zero no

issue as long as I remember to do it now

I'm going to zoom in here and you're

going to see I still got a little bit of

ready red around and the reason I went

ahead and left that and did this video

now is because watch my videos two or

three days from now and you'll see it

won't be there I just I'm making a new

batch of colloidal silver and so you'll

see check it out the difference will be

there that stuff will be gone and if

you've known the channel from before it

gets really bad in the past so

unboxed all the stuff from the colloidal

silver machine folks and well show you

what's in it let's show you how we're

gonna make it

and then I might even wash my face so

here we go tons and tons of information

manuals stuff on colloidal silver

advertisements of course business cards

just in case you lost any one of these

gazillion things and of course your

silver bars and scrubby oh that's nice

scrubby okay you also get in the box

that's Hindi denday timer they give you

instructions on how to use the timer but

it's pretty basic stuff a couple extra

pins but you only use really one set of

pens so they have it and you actually

have the generator generating machine

plugs into the wall here on assuming

you've got your input spouts however you

want to define it for your silver rods

and the bubbler for the bubbly bubbly

Ness so pretty basic stuff you also need

a quart sized container and some

distilled water steam distilled water

not purified water not mineral water

steam distilled water now one quick word

on some of the different products out

there that they will generate the

colloidal silver using salt this

particular machine you do not need to do

that as a matter of fact if you do it's

going to keep your particle size of

generated silver larger you want them

smaller smaller so no salt in this

mission now one other quick tip is

colloidal silver is extremely extremely

adversely affected by light so anytime

you can get either a darkly colored

bottle or something to keep the light

away from your colloidal silver that is

going to be all the better so keep it

out of the light alright first things

first let's fill up our quart jar with

our distilled water so let's give about

an inch of head space that's just about

right there

that's a careful step

there now it's all happy in the darkness

next let's get our silver bars out

cleaned up with our scrubby the scrubby

scrubbing here make sure there's no

funkiness on the bars now we're just

going to take these silver bars and

insert them into the correct points here

all right there they should be ready to

go now the machine goes on to our water

okay now we're going to go ahead and

plug in our timer and our generator and

get this timer set so that's working and

bang zoom we are off to the races and

now it's just simply a waiting game you

wait your three hours it clocked in at

8:00 and it's out at 11:00 and you'll

have your colloidal silver now this is

an amazing savings too because if you

consider it's going like 14 bucks for a

tiny little bottle like that at a health

food store and this thing's making a

quart for pennies literally pennies so I

would recommend that if you're

interested in self-reliance if you're

the you know the kind of homesteader

prepper type that you look into some of

these natural remedies you never know if

you're gonna not be able to go get a

pill from a store and even if you could

do you really want to go get a pill from

a store for everything cuz I certainly

know I do not once again not a doctor do

your own research colloidal silver is

absolutely been working for my rosacea

and like I said check back in a few days

and you'll see the change I stopped

using it for about three days so that I

could show you what the difference is

going to be check back in about three or

four days and you'll see or you'll say

Brad you're full of hogwash and then you

can take your shots anyway that's it for

the day brad with the big family

homestead you guys have an amazing day