get rid

How to remove tree roots from your lawn

what's going on I give you guys a quick

little tip on how to get rid of roots

you know that grow up to come up or you

know the soil washes away and you got

roots that are sticking up and it pain

in the neck when you're mowing your lawn

and all that stuff is a quick little way

to get rid of them first thing you want

to do is get a impact driver you know

the strongest one you got this is my

beat-up throwaway Ryobi okay like 1,500

inch-pounds of torque it's got enough

power and you want to get a spade right

here number one a spade drill bit and

it's a quick little tip on what you do

to remove them get them out of the way

I've been doing it for years I haven't

seen anybody on YouTube post anything

like this but you know instead of

getting a stump grinder or anything like

that now this can also be used to get

rid of stumps I mean nothing big you

know anything from like eight to maybe

15 inches you can use this method to but

with that you kind of want to spray down

you know some know some 41% biphosphate

type stuff you know the weed killer it

also helps with stumps and stuff a lot

of people don't know that or if you do

you know you want to drill a couple

holes and those stumps then spray it let

it sit spray it again a little bit of a

process like you know every week try to

spray it but put some holes in it first

so it seeps down better but I'm gonna

show you how to get rid of those roots

all right hold on okay here's one that I

did just a couple minutes ago this is

what it looks like when you watch oh

you're gonna get these bits just get

your rub your blower alright you know

what I do I run over it with my mower

and it kind of chips them up splatters

them around you know or you can get like

a blow and just blow them around

on this is what it's kind of going to

look like so you got like this big rule

here whenever I mow just gets in a way

you get your RIMPAC driver like I said

with a spade drill bit on it try to get

the strongest impact driver that you can

just try to connect them as best you can

once you drill in here a lot about you

know during the winter and you know

stuff like that it's gonna start to

recede it a little bit and know the bugs

and all that crap let's start you know

get stuff but you want to do the best

you can

so like I said it took what 2 minutes

basically demolish this whole route here

you know you keep going at it but this

one to give you a quick little you know

this is kind of what you know you go

right down pretty much to the dark here

good now and here's another one over

here right there I just wanted to put

three holes in there for you so you do

the same thing you just continue you

don't even start here batteries

real simple yeah don't get waste money

on stump grinding and stuff like that a

lot of people have different ways of

doing it but by far I think is the

easiest way any comments or questions

just let me know but yeah like I said

impact driver as strong as you can

18 volt the 12 volts they don't have

enough real enough torque to really get

it done so try to stick with the 18 but

um any kind of spade bit will do

obviously the bigger the better but the

smaller you go the easier is the drill

of course so I like this size kind of

gets the job done and you know that's

kind of easy so like I said any comments

questions let me know

catch you on the next one