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How to get rid of Tree Roots from the sewer drain line

hey guys and welcome back to plumbing

parks procom today we're going to talk

about clogged drains if you ever had a

dream that stopped up that your toilet

won't flush or it backs up into the

bathtub you have a gurgling sound in the

bathtub most life of your stupid line is

on the verge of stopping up or already

stopped up so today we're going to talk

about a product made by Zep

it's called Zep root kill okay so what

this product does it's really a product

to kill the roots most of the time when

people have trees in their front yard

bushes hedges those roots tend to grow

and especially doing the dry spells they

will look for water and a good source of

water comes through your sewer line each

and every day so in order to prevent

those roots from growing or to kill

those roots to ensure a good flow you

need to do some preventative maintenance

so if it's totally stopped up you really

need to call it your local plumber and

get them to clear it with your with

their drain cable to run a line through

there all the way out to the road to

take care of those roots but if it's

just starting to a stop up to

getting a little slow maybe you do have

a root issue this is something you

should do now when dealing with this you

want to wear goggles and gloves because

you don't want to get it on your skin

but to use this what you would do is go

to the nearest toilet to the outside of

the house don't do this on your second

floor like that always using on the

first floor or the one closest to the

eggs of the house so pour about a

quarter of a bottle into the toilet and

flush it it's going to swirl around go

out through the drain flush this hold a

couple more times and then come back two

days later do again so you want to do

pour the whole bottle down there

essentially but you don't want to pour

it all down at once because it will stop

up the top height it's gonna fill that

trap way up and not flush through then

you've got another problem so do this in

increments and it'll give time to

clear those roots out and deteriorate

the roots now look not gonna happen

immediately so don't expect you to pour

this down there and then the drains just

clear so what it does it has to break

down those roots and decay the roots and

basically they'll eat away so really if

it's topped up this is something you

don't want to use but if it's something

that it's just starting to get slow

you're starting to hear that gurgle this

is probably a great product for you or

if you've just had it cleared by a local

plumber pour this down at about every

four to six months just to kind of as a

preventative maintenance to keep it

clear so that will save you quite a bit

of money in the long run I'm gonna put a

link in the description to purchase this

it'll send it right to your house you'll

always have some one hand if you have

that that gurgle sound or that stoppage

just pour this down the toilet and

they'll fix it for you guys if you have

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