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Chicken Management - How Do I Get Rid of My Rooster?

let's talk chickens so today we're

talking chicken management how do I get

rid of my rooster so this could apply to

just about anything whether you live in

the city and you had your hands but one

of them is a rooster or you love your

rooster and you live in the county and

you do what you want but now it's

suddenly it's aggressive toward your

kids or all of your hens are losing all

their feathers or whatever it is and you

want to get rid of it or even your

broilers you know who's gonna kill them

for you so there's a whole bunch of

different people who want pretty much

the same thing take the rooster uh-huh

take its life away or just take it away

so there's a couple ways you can do this

either you can sounds bad but you can

chop the Roosters head off which people

don't want to do or you can get yourself

a cone a killing cone and cut its throat

and let it bleed to death which people

also don't want to do you can go on

Craigslist and say hey take away this

rooster or possibly if 4-h wants your

fancy breed of rooster maybe they'll

want it I hear people say give it to the

Amish great if you notice somebody it's

not like oh they all want a rooster

they're all ticket most people don't

want a rooster that's why you're trying

to get rid of it so I would not assume

that the quote-unquote the Amish which

is not even a person it's a group of

people don't assume that they want to

take away your roosters and blast bet is

probably the most convenient which is

higher a slaughter person to do it for


so you can you know drop it off at some

poultry place pay a fee

I mean if it's only one rooster it

probably won't be that bad but I mean

even if you raise your own broilers it's

probably still worth it to have a peace

of mind that you raise them yourself and

you know how you know

what they ate how they were treated and

you picked it all and the slaughter can

give you beautiful chickens ready for


so um there's a few different ways to

handle it and I mean there's always the

possibility that a friendly farm will

take your rooster just to ease your pain

if you have a friendly neighbor who has

a farm or whatever and maybe just maybe

we'll take it for you that's always an

option so there you go how do I get rid

of my rooster thank you for watching

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thank you