get rid

Dubbing roosters 101

hey guys this is Wes tutorial game file

and this is the video that everybody was

wanting to see and this is the video

that I'm going to do

trimming dubbing cutting the columns of

your rooster I want to go ahead and give

you a crash course of why it's important

to cut the cones all-rounders wherever

you have a rooster and it gets cold and

they've got a high confit comb you know

whatever a short huh whatever it may be

they get frostbite during the winter

when your guards get frostbite what

happens is is their combs will turn

black and eventually that the frost spot

will spread to their head and in fact

their whole head and ultimately kill

your end


that's the purpose of trim it is not

illegal to turn our burdens it's

actually a show standard for fairs and

burn competitions and sub it shows

standards for American games to be


they need to be trimmed in order for

them to be healthy

another thing is whenever you have combs

on your Birds that's just another thing

for them they get infected and for birds

to be pecking at and messing with and it

causes problems it's a health issue just

like a bad knee using this analogy it's

just like the foreskin are on your penis

when you get it when you get a when

you're born they clipped the foreskin

because it causes health problems they

can cause infections you can tell stuff

like that just from all the stuff to it

so that's all this is why I said it's

not illegal it is a pretty pretty rough

process if you don't know what you're

doing it does not hurt the birds it's

just like clipping your fingernails

it's like quicken your fingernails it

does bleed there is going to be blood

not a whole lot I get the blood stopped

very fast and I'm gonna go through all

the steps of how to do it properly and

the correct way there's different

methods you can use you use scissors you

can use scaffolds you can use razor

points and this X in this video i'm

gonna be using scaffold that's what i

prefer using it makes a very clean cut

it's very fast and it's all around and

my opinion I think it's all-around

better view scissors obviously other

methods this is a method that I prefer

this is a method I'm comfortable so

I want to caution everybody that's gonna

watch this video there is going to be

blood the birds not going to be

squalling or squawking or screaming or

anything it's not like that it the worst

he's gonna do be pulling his head and

you know shake it a little bit if the

Bloods running down his head we're gonna

stop the blood very fast after you train

your birds you have to put them in a

keep box you have to put them in a keep

box overnight and let it scab up once

it's scabbed up once it's all scabbed up

and scabbed over and everything you get

thrown back out on the come on

oh no problem throw them back on top

cord put them out it put them back in a

pen put them back with their hands it

doesn't cause any problems but keep them

inside the night that you did it so it

has time to scab up and heal up so what

we're gonna do is we're going to go

ahead and we're going to use the dubbing

box in this video I still don't have it

done sorry so my cameraman we're gonna

rig up the tripod my cameraman is gonna

hold the tone for me and I'm gonna walk

you all through all the steps from our

past for the comfort of the bird just to

keep you happy and as healthy as

possible that's the motto here happy

birds a winner so we're not gonna stress

him out we're gonna stress them out as

little as possible we're gonna get it

done very fast I'll be talking fast I'm

gonna be trying to get the best angle as

I possibly can for this video so I want

everybody to pay attention watch what I

do how to do it and you'll be able to

show your birds and fairs and

competitions before you know so what

we're gonna do what you're going to need

is you're going to need your [ __ ] what

is that stuff

blue flower you're gonna need your

flower and you're gonna need your

cutting too

so we're gonna do this like I said we're

gonna do this pretty fast what you're

gonna do is you're gonna pull this out

and you're gonna make sure you don't cut

all the way down his neck we're just

going to cut right through here

right through here and get that off

clean it clean it clean as can be so

like I said I use a scaffold so it's

very fast that's it

like I said it doesn't hurt the bird

he's not bleeding bad at all right now

see Boston he's not bleeding bad at all

right now like I said he's gonna be

squirming a little bit that's that's

normal it's not hurting him then you're

gonna get the earlobe and pull the ear

lobe out and we're just gonna slide it

slide the earlobe off right like that

and then my buddy Austin here is gonna

switch places with me again very simple

very easy we're gonna pull pull his

waddle and that's it

we got the wall I'm gonna do is earlobe

and be sure you're just cutting skin

guys don't cut their meat you just want

to get the skin and what we're gonna do

just just for shits and giggles here

he's not bleeding bad at all right now

so we're just gonna take a little bit of

flour and we're gonna put on there and

all this does is this right here's gonna

help it a pelvic cake up a little bit

more help it clot and we're gonna show

you all how to kind of comb very easy

very simple you're gonna go from back to

front P combs you're gonna have a little

knot right here on the side while

losting you're gonna have a knot loose

so as you can see he's not bleeding bad

at all I mean it's not it's not

something that hurts the bird they don't

mind it it's just it just makes them a

little uncomfortable I'm gonna let him

kind of regain itself here for just a

second and like I said if you're doing

it the correct way they're not gonna

bleed a whole lot if you're being real

rough and you get their blood pumping

and everything and then you cut you're

gonna have quite a bit of blood come out

but as you can see this guy right here

he's not bleeding you dollars what we're

gonna do the dubbing box didn't work out

as well as well as I was hoping because

like I said it's not done yet this is a

smaller bird I did make a little bit of

a cut on him

and that's fine he's not freaking out as

much now he's got somebody holding him

oh you're gonna are you gonna do is

you're gonna cut all the way down to

their nose yeah but you don't want to

cut into their beak that's very

important don't cut into their beak

always cut back to front and like I said

here comes the blood

all right let's get down man have you

had your rag ready to go get him over

here on the camera awesome

have your rag ready to go and all you're

gonna do is just cover up his head make

sure you keep his nostrils clear every

we'll put put don't put a lot of

pressure on it just put a little bit of

pressure we just want the dried up

really all we're doing right now is just

drawing up the blood that was left in

the comb what you all seen come out was

blood that was left inside this comb it

wasn't blood actually pulsing out of him

so once you cut the blood that you see

most of it's coming from the just the

comb you do have some that comes out

that comes out from the veins as you can

see from the veins that were there which

that's no big deal you take you a little

bit of a flower we're up a little bit of

flour on him we're gonna Pat it down

and the more he comes down the less he's

gonna bleed and like I said guys this is

show standards if you're wanting to show

chickens this is part of what you have

to do this is a parental advisory video

I wouldn't suggest anybody anybody doing

this that's never done it before I

wouldn't suggest just go in and grab it

and start in hacking on your Birds you

can hurt them so you just want to make

sure that the blood gets relatively

stopped before they're ready to go back

up oh he hates that right Donny just

make sure the Bloods you know relatively

kind of cut back a little bit not

bleeding is bad whenever you'd go ahead

and put him back up as you can see he's

got a little bit of blood running that's

completely normal

he'll be back to his old self in the

morning I'll show you all on camera

tomorrow morning what it looks like

after you trim them they're a little

gross looking ain't got a lot but

they're gonna be a lot healthier it's

better for them we're gonna go ahead and

sneak him in the key box and I'll come

out here in the morning and I'll show

you all what they look like after

they're done as I said before it's a

bloody process you know as you can see

I'm from where he's shaking his head and

everything I getting used to having no

waddles I'm I'm covered in blood it's

part it's part of raising chickens if


I just want to have if you are if you

guys want to have healthy animals just

have just completely healthy no no

problems if you have a bird that you

absolutely love and you want them to

live for a long time you can either a

keep them inside your house in the in

the heat and in the air-conditioned or

you can go ahead and trim them combs

cause more problems on birds than

anything else more problems in

respiratory more problems and intestinal

infections worms the combs cause the

most problems so anyway like I said I

can't stress enough how important it is

if you have an older bird for them to be

trimmed they need to be trimmed they

need to be they need to be healthy a lot

of people will argue with me over this

oh well I've got a I've got a 12 year

old rooster that's got a high comb

that's not being trimmed or anything

like that you know what you're lucky

that the front of the Frostbite hasn't

gotten yet but if you do show your birds

if you show your American Games

it shows standards that they'd be

touched they'd be done and that is

normally it's a half what you'll see a

lot of people that'll cut half of the

comb and then let it heal up and they'll

just be a little stub of a half of the

combs that is ugly ugly ugly looking it

doesn't look like it should be there

either it's not there what's there I

don't do no in-betweens either cut it

all or don't cut anything all my birds I

do dub I clean them up I make them look

nice and pretty I don't want any health

problems yes it is a lot of blood

that he slung out everywhere they did

bleed a little bit I've had Birds bleat

twice that man I mean I've had birds

that bled them where I had a hard time

getting the blood to stop but I have the

necessary equipment to stop the bleeding

I have blood thickeners I have a quick

stop if he wouldn't have stopped

bleeding then I could have ran inside

grab my quick stop sprinkle it on him

and then boom it would have stopped it

dead on but you know that stuff's a

little bit more expensive than swallows

so what I would suggest is make sure you

have your equipment first off make sure

you have the correct equipment make sure

that you watch this video if you don't

have anybody to show you how to do it

first hand make sure you watch this

video several several several times and

learn it you know everything that I've

done don't cut too deep don't cut too

far down don't don't

halfway cut anything do it or don't it's

either all or nothing


anyway um I hope this video has been

educational and helpful to you all

that's what we get into showing some

birds or just into bird health flock

health this has been west of still rail

game pal and you all have a good day