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HOW TO | Get rid of Roof Rats

this is my shed and I have on a grass

seed here this was actually a full brand

new bag of grass seed so the roof rats

were coming in and I didn't have a

problem because they would leave as

sometimes I would open up the doors of

the shed I remember the day that I saw

that they tore right through my seed bag

and I was pissed

so I first tried to mark humane option

and I found these traps unfortunately I

believe that these were too small but

there was one large rat and one small

one that could have fit in here anyways

I left it out here for like two weeks

and I followed the instructions I saw

other people's YouTube videos it did not

work so the next thing I tried was this

type of a clamp type of a trap the only

thing I caught was actually my own hand

exactly my hat but it wasn't that bad I

have first put some peanut butter in

there inside of the little food area

here and there's a little pocket at the

bottom or a little twist off cap and you

can put different foods in there so I

tried the peanut butter for like a week

and a half two weeks I wasn't getting

anything and then I saw some lady I said

Oh Nutella you know my rats really

worked out with Nutella with the same

type of trap and that failed on me too

so next I looked into some rodenticide

live in California so we have some laws

against some of these so I tried to

purchase one on Amazon with the seller

said sorry we cannot ship to your

location so I found this one here and

this one's on Amazon but luckily they

shipped it so and this is only I worked

so finally got rid of these roof rats so

if the other methods aren't working for

you go ahead and try this just keep in

mind that when the animal dies if it is

in your attic you will have a stench in

your attic that's going to seep down

into your house and that will last

probably one to two weeks