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How to Get Rid of Pill Bugs in the House


how do you get rid of pill bugs in the


also called potato bugs and wood lice

pill bugs are not insects but isopods

and a type of terrestrial crustacean

though they most frequently inhabit damp

outdoor spaces these creatures sometimes

find their way into homes where they can

become a nuisance pill bugs are not

harmful to humans or pets but they can

multiply quickly if they find a dark

damp indoor location they like if you

find yourself with a bell bug problem do

not worry there are many ways to get rid

of these pests things you will need

concrete blocks are firewood rack

caulking drainage your ventilation

system vacuum glue traps outdoor

pesticide spray remove any potential

pillbug habitats from the area directly

surrounding your home clear away any

ground clutter next to your home such as

piles of brush or firewood and try to

keep plant beds from becoming too damp

stack firewood on concrete blocks are on

a metal firewood rack seal any cracks

and doorways window sills and foundation

fence with caulking to prevent pill bugs

from entering the house clean out damp

cluttered spaces in your basement and

garage in order to make these spaces

less appealing to pill bugs install

drainage or ventilation systems if

necessary to keep these spaces dry

something as simple as running a fan to

facilitate air movement can

significantly reduce the dampness of a

cellar or basement remove any existing

pill bugs from the house using a vacuum

or by selling glue traps in the corners

of the affected rooms Spray around the

perimeter and foundation of your home

using an outdoor pesticide this step is

only necessary if you have a significant

number of pill bugs entering your home

sealing doorways and window sills is

generally enough to control minor


tips warnings indoor pesticides are not

recommended for pill bug control because

not only can they be hazardous to

children and pets

but they are generally ineffective

exclusion methods are much more

effective in controlling pill bugs