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Rolling Acne Scars treated with Cannula Subcision, NEW Genius, and Healite

this patient has mild atrophic growing

acne scars and when I first do is

subsides using a cannula a recent study

showed that using the cannula gave

better results less downtime and was

safer than using an oak or needle so

what you see is me breaking up the scar

bands between the skin and the deeper

tissues and then injecting a little bit

of lidocaine dr. Gavin Liam has shown

that these scars do penetrate into the

fatty layer and the subcutaneous layer

on the initial side you saw that there

was a lot of scar bands but on this side

there are some lot less I also put a

little bit of lidocaine in there because

the next step is doing the genius on

these scars I then move to the forehead

and I sub sighs those scars as well

I now subsides almost all patients prior

to doing the Anthony are genius because

radiofrequency has a tendency to travel

down collagen and if you don't break up

these scar bands then the radiofrequency

is going to travel deep into the tissues

in areas that you don't want it to

travel what you see right here is the

genius RF micro needling device I

perform the FDA trials on this i used to

use the anthony and then we

re-engineered it to create the genius it

has impedance feedback so that it

measures the resistance in the skin

tissue and delivers energy according to

that it is much safer it's quicker and

more comfortable to the patient results

will be better - when we complete the

genius we put the patient under the he

light which is a low-level laser light

which improves the healing type

decreases of redness and decreases the

heat associated with the procedure the

patient sometimes comes in for a second

treatment of this