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How to Get Rid of Rolly-Pollies



how to get rid of Roly Polys

roly-polys also known as pill bugs are

small purplish gray creatures that roll

into a ball when they feel threatened

they are crustaceans more closely

related to lobsters and crabs than to

insects they are attracted to decaying

vegetable matter such as food in your

trash and even the mulch around your

home following a few steps for treating

Roly Polys helps get rid of them for

good things you'll need

vacuum hose attachment me high stocking

rubberband trashcan plumber s caulk rake


step 1

cover the end of a vacuum cleaner hose

attachment with a knee-high stocking

secure the open end of the leg to the

hose attachment with a rubber band

vacuum up any Roly Polys you see the toe

of the stocking keeps the bugs from

slipping into the vacuum itself remove

the stocking and tie the open end in a

knot to trap the bugs discard them in an

outdoor trash can step 2 seal all entry

points into your home with plumber rest

clock Roly Polys enter your home through

cracks in the foundation and walls

during colder months looking for a warm

place to live if the cracks are severe

contact a contractor to repair otherwise

squirt enough caulk into the holes to

seal them allow the caulk to dry

undisturbed step 3

recall mulch and other plant related

material away from the walls of your

home mulch and plant materials should be

a minimum of six inches from your house

s foundation

this keeps roly-polys from getting close

to the foundation and finding their way

back in step four treat all leaks around

the home look for leaking faucets inside

and out contact a plumber to repair

leaks that plumber s will not

repair roly-polys since there are

related to crustaceans have gills they

need moisture to survive removing

moisture from leaks helps discourage

them from coming around step 5

sprinkle a thin layer of diatomaceous

earth around the exterior of your home

diatomaceous earth found at home

improvement stores and garden supply

centers is safe and non toxic to you and

your family the powder is made from the

ground of fossils of marine animals when

roly-polys come in contact with it it

dehydrates and eventually kills them