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Garden Hack: Best way to get rid of pill bugs organically​

all right in Arizona we have a lot of

citrus it's actually one of the five

seas look up and see what the other four

are but so we have a lot of citrus and

we're coming into citrus season which is

the best time of year we also have

unfortunately a lot of pill bugs some

people call them potato bugs there those

little Roly roly polies my kids like to

collect and when they're little

unfortunately Roly Polys like to eat

plants and I planted some greens the

other day and I noticed that I came out

and all a lot of the little leaves were

munch done so a good friend on instagram

shared this tip with me so what you do

is with the citrus you're going to want

to cut it in half and then you're going

to want to put that citrus right into

the affected area where you've seen the

pill bugs and the next morning I like to

do it the night at night and the next

morning you'll go out and it's gonna

just be covered in those little pill

bugs so I throw the pill bugs away

they're not a friend in my garden so I

will knock them off into the garbage can

and I'll reuse the citrus several times

so as with most things in organic

gardening this is not a quick fix this

is not one day you're gonna put the

citrus down and the next day all the

bugs are going to be gone organic

gardening normally involves a little bit

more work we're going to be consistent

about it and over time you're going to

see an improvement in the number of pill

bugs I'll show ya if you can kind of

come right here we're gonna look down

and see these are the little greens I

was talking about and I put this on

about an hour ago see if we've caught

any yet

there's a couple they do better

overnight they'd like to come out at

night and feed so you can see these

hungry little pill bugs are eating all

my greens so I don't want them to do

that so I'm gonna leave these here

overnight and tomorrow morning I'm gonna

come out and hopefully instead of eating

my greens they're gonna suck onto that

citrus juice and then I'm gonna be able

to throw those bugs away and we want

these to get nice and big I don't want

to share with the pill bugs so that's

another tip for using citrus to take

care of pill bugs