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Killing rats with baking soda is the fast acting With Home Remedy


in this video I will tell you how to

kill rats using baking soda mice can be

cute and some people especially children

like to keep one or two as pets but when

mice invade our home uninvited they are

anything but cute there's good reason to

evict them as soon as possible

mice can be dangerous to your health as

they can carry several diseases and

transmit them via their urine and feces

well not to mention the extensive damage

they can do with their sharp teeth the

best way to eliminate mice from your

home is to reduce their access but if

you live next to a field as well as

having to deal with other pests like

moles you may fail to eliminate them

permanently as they will always come

back baking soda is the best ways to get

rid of mice baking soda poison works

amazingly to get rid of mice to make

this remedy first thing you will need

one cup of baking soda and the second

thing you will need 1 cup flour and the

last thing you will need 1 cup of sugar

put on disposable gloves combine 1 cup

of flour or cornmeal with one cup of

sugar or powdered chocolate mix add one

cup of baking soda and blend the mixture

very well the sugar or chocolate will

attract the rats and the baking soda

will soon kill them after they've

consumed it fill some jar lids about

half full with the rat bait set the

baited jar lids wherever you have

noticed rat droppings the rats are most

likely to return to these spots

monitor the areas for indications that

your problem is solved once you no

longer spot new droppings watch for dead

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