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How to get rid of rodents naturally - Nature-Cide

in the garden this morning we're chasing

down those pesky nuisances that can hurt

your plants kcal9 Silvia Lopez and Nick

fedorov show us how to effectively

control rodents we're in the garden

today talking about those little

critters you sometimes get in your

garden and how to get rid of them with

Nick better off from things green time

there's more air for you well because

you promised it doesn't bite okay see

what you could do that

alright okay oh yeah that's enough you

know what it's it's really interesting

there's a there's a chain of action that

goes along with the in the world of

reptiles and mice and those kind of

things well

you mean survival of the fittest

survival for them you know just really

speaking of which when I was first

married we opened up in our house we

opened up a drawer it was a snake inside

yeah talk about smugglin I never know

when a snake is going to be poisonous or

not so we have to be as careful as

possible you know and so having snakes

come in to new yard it's kind of a

problem of course another problem that

we have is that is that people will take

things like like they want to try to get

rid of these little guys right in

justifiably so because they'll take and

they will actually Harbor fleas and you

know of course leave the feces behind to

probably do all kinds yeah and you know

and a lot of people don't want to start

using traps because you start setting

traps oh yeah it was a finger in

something like that dangerous so what

they end up doing is that they go to


and rodenticides are usually

anticoagulants and these anticoagulants

basically means is that when the mouse

or rat or vermin starts eating on these

things they begin to bleed inside they

bleed internally it's kind of a painful

thing for them and then as they're going

out to die right our snake friend over

here picks it up and eats it right and

then the poison from that ends up going

into snake and then from there you have

Bobcats you have a hardest food chain

and yeah and then I end up all croaking

out on you and that is a huge problem

that's why on July 1st we no longer are

able to buy any kind of rude etta sights

it's not going to happen

yeah so boom no more genocide yet this

just not going to happen for us but

we're very fortunate that we have

eco-friendly alternatives to poisons

which is really kind of neat and how I

found out about this was that I was over

at the National Hardware show it's a

national show and I come walking up and

there's this there's a big shiny truck

there and as a guy you know he all right

big shame cool right and and so I was

admiring the truck then a few weeks ago

I was speaking for the Malibu Garden

Club right that same truck is in the

foot here come to find out it's a

company called nature side nature side

yeah nature side in what they do is rode

into control so they what they'll do is

they'll come out and they'll spray and

they put up these barriers and things

like that and the things that they'll

spray are stuff like is this actually

which is an outdoor product and it's a

essential oils and it has cedar in here

all kinds of other little goodies and

it's EPA approved so the EPA takes that

other stuff off the market this comes

back on the market and basically what

you're doing is that you're taking it

and your spring get all around where

there's a problem with the critters

coming in from that area now this is

what happens as you know the snake

always smells in with this tongue like

this going in and out right well what

happens is that they don't like that


Gophers don't like that smell possums

don't like this ma'am rats and mice

don't like that smell right so they kind

of stay up then what ended up happening

was that they found that that the places

that they were servicing because they're

located in Malibu and Calabasas and all

that and also in California really they

found out that hey wait a minute we've

got we've got insects the insects

population has come down also yeah so if

we have ourselves an insect thing what

they'll do is they'll pull out either

the outdoor spray or the all-purpose now

if you've got some pretty gnarly insects

then like our insects back here

basically basically what as our narcs

are Lansing's basically what we're doing

is the same exact thing whether it's

this is going to give

you'll see you want to you want you want

to spray the areas where the insects are

yes yeah and if she set out like that

and and of course you're going to get a

kill on the insects and when they're at

and they're also not going to want to

cross that line as well so this stuff

right here you could ask your local

nursery and garden center for the nature

sight step or go online to nature

- side comm and of course what I'll do

is is that I've got links on my website

to show you about the laws that have

changed what you can and can't buy and

and all of the information that's

available on that so it's really

exciting stuff so come to things Green

Comm or you can see is that give me a

call 24 hours and when you talk about it

at one eight hundred four oh five Nick

so that's what the real news isn't yeah

thank you very much