get rid

Rat & Mouse Infestation: What to Do!

what do you do when you find an

uninvited critter in your house in the

exterminator isn't available well some

people take matters into their own hands


professional exterminator our good

friend Nick Isaac watch it again it

happened so quickly so does that mean

that like a hockey player at the bottom

of that slop shop the blue

what do you do in a situation like that

these kids can put me out of a job I

tell you the best way is to trap it

because if one of those brooms or

buckets missed the rat would have still

been in the house okay it's one thing to

say just use a bucket right like come

here at red how do you know

it was only a couple of years ago when

we had this rat I called him wheat germ

and I discovered it because it came out

from behind the stove a hole in the wall

which connected to the garage so he came

out of the garage through the into the

breadbox which was right there and I

pulled out the bread and the kids were

four at the time and I literally was

like what are you guys whipping through

the side of the Bayou animals really

like a clean human rip it was coming in

and out of the bread box sewing through

out of the garage around the strobe

eventually that's our smoke around the

trap into the bread around the trap

through the what you guys well we you

know I see what you have over there my

dad because I live in the same city that

when I grew up so I grew up with these

rats and I know the peanut butter trick

yep peanut butter crunchy peanut butter

is the best way to do know that's silver

favorites was still their favorite

cookies so you use that to get them into

a bucket or into a trap of some sort you

would a bucket I wouldn't really use a

bucket to get it right into I would use

it for a trap because if they get in a

bucket rats are like extremely athletic

so they could jump out of that bucket

and you know they can get through what

can they do with their body

what it is is as long as they can get

their shoulders in their heads in they

can get in because their skulls are

pliable it they can squeeze so if they

can they can squeeze anywhere the size

of a quarter they can squeeze see your

trap here I've tried the stickies with

rats and I've actually seen a rat gnaw

his leg off and get out of the sticky


sticky traps are kind of iffy normally

with sticky traps you don't want to use

those for rats for mice it's okay

because they're not as strong enough to

get out but like I said rats are really

athletic so they can I've seen they play

baseball tear their fur Aki you know so

do you recommend use house on like

peanut butters from a traditional trap I

actually have brought some traps today I

prefer to use the traps with you the old

school traps with the metal trigger and

what I would do is I would get the

crunchy peanut butter crunchy peanut

butter is always the best because it has

the nuts and it actually gives them the

opportunity to try and get the nuts and

I love that you give organic peanut

butter just learning good

and when you put it on there you set the

trap always set the trap with your hand

away from the actual trigger so whenever

put your hand on this side of the trap

you put it on there but when you said it

you want to set it against the wall so

that it this is the wall the trap goes

against the wall this way because like I

said rats are athletic that's the lesson

for today they go back away from a trap

so sometimes you'll see a trap that's

been snapped without catching the rat

it's because the rat is so quick it got

away when you set it so that it's

against the wall they don't have a

chance to really get away so long I want

to make very clear we don't have

anything again against rats no we don't

but they're no joke

the one thing I want to ask is what is

the best prevention strategy I'm just

like anything else you want to try to

keep them out of your environment

rats especially they don't want to live

in your house they want to come in nest

and go out so if you seal your house and

protect it so that nothing could get in

that hole in the garage that led into

that the kitchen you want to seal all

the holes in the house to prevent them

from coming in you're never going to get

rid of all the rats in the world we

don't want to get rid of all the rats in

the world you want to get rid of all the

rats inside your home