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7 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently And Naturally

7 All-Natural Ways To Keep Mice  From Getting Inside Your Home

A lot of people resort to mouse-traps to get  rid of mice, but have you ever considered  

natural ways to deter mice? As soon the cooler  weather starts to hit, chances are that every  

manner of living creature is trying to make  their way into your warm house. Bugs, mice,  

and rodents of all kinds seek out warmth for  survival. Many animal lovers are no longer  

happy with traditional mouse traps, as they  are considered inhumane by some. Unfortunately,  

if you have a common rodent problem, an  exterminator and traditional traps are  

all you can use. Now, residents everywhere  are seeking natural ways to deter mice.

Did you know that the average house mouse  can fit through a 6mm gap in the wall? They  

have ferocious appetites, consuming up to 3-4g a  day. They often look for cereal grain droppings,  

food scraps, and crumbs. Your first and  best way to prevent mice from staying in  

your home is by cleaning up after yourself  as much as possible. This means getting rid  

of every possible source of food or crumb  that’s easily accessible to rodents. In  

this video we’ll show you 7 All-Natural ways  to deter mice. You will love the great ways  

you can keep those annoying critters outside  of your home during the long winter months!

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Now, keep watching for 7 all natural ways  to keep mice from getting inside your home!

7) Tabasco Sauce: tabasco sauce, you say? Yes,  you heard that right! Take any standard bottle  

of Tabasco sauce, mix it with hot water and some  dish detergent then add it to a spray bottle. Walk  

around all the trouble areas around the foundation  of your home, and spray the solution. You can also  

take the hot sauce and add a few drops to any  large cracks that you think a critter might try  

to enter. This is a great natural way to deter  mice using the odor and spice of the sauce.

6) Cayenne Pepper: If you see signs of mice  inside your home, (droppings, scratching sound  

in the walls, holes in your cereal boxes) take  some bulk cayenne pepper powder and sprinkle it  

over every surface you think they might tread.  Continue to do this until the signs subside. You  

can also take whole peppers and leave them  around their nests (if you can find them.)

Did you know that there are certain ways you  can check your home as well as signs to look  

for that your home may have mice? Well, have no  fear! Stick around until the end of the video to  

find out what signs to look for that you have  mice as well as what to do if you have them!

5) Garlic: Not just a vampire deterrent, garlic  cloves are actually a great way to deter mice  

from staying in your home. You can chop up the  garlic and mix it with water to form a spray,  

or you can leave entire cloves of  garlic in your trouble areas.

4) Dryer Sheets: Not everyone can  stand behind this natural deterrent  

as there isn’t any scientific  evidence to back it up, however,  

many people swear by this solution.  The stronger the scent the better when  

it comes to dryer sheets. Just take a single  sheet and stuff it in any or all cracks that  

might be an opening for a mouse. The strong  scent is said to be a natural deterrent.

Keep watching as we continue  to count down 7 all natural  

ways to keep mice from getting inside your home!

3) Cloves: Anyone who has ever cooked  with cloves knows that they are very,  

very smelly. Their natural scent is strong  and will ward off rodents. Place some in  

some pantyhose or a coffee filter and leave  sachets of them around your home in trouble  

areas. Your home will smell great, and  hopefully, the mice will steer clear!

2) Peppermint: You can purchase peppermint  oil online, place a few drops inside some  

cotton swabs, and place them anywhere  mice might be attracted to. You need  

to replace them every few weeks, but  make sure they are strong enough to  

keep the mice away. You can also  mix with water to use as a spray.

1. Ammonia: The substance is extremely pungent,  and it should be warned that it’s not the most  

natural smelling or healthy to consume  chemical for humans or pets. However,  

it’s a powerful deterrent against mice. Place some  in bowls and stick them where you think mice might  

be getting into. However, this should be a last  resort and kept away from animals and children.

Now that you know 7 all natural ways to  keep mice from getting inside your home,  

it’s time to find out what signs you should  look for to see if you have mice in your home,  

and what you should do if you  find out that you do have mice.

According to, there are many different  ways to identify whether you have mice or not.  

There are certain steps you should take as well  as treatment options you can do. To find out if  

you have mice in your home, follow the next steps  in this video. If you do find out you have mice,  

it is best to call a professional to find out  what can be done. You can also try home remedies,  

but if they don't work you may  have to call someone for help.

So, here are things you should do and signs  

you should look for that you  may have a mouse infestation.

Small footprints and droppings: the first  thing you should do when inspecting for  

mice is grab a flashlight. Look into the small  corners or areas of your home where dust may  

be collected and see if there are small  fotoprints. If you see tiny footprints,  

you likely have mice. In addition to this,  if you also see small droppings in cupboards,  

on the floor, or next to the footprints,  it is another sign that you have mice.

Gnaw marks on furniture and scratching noises  in your walls: if you notice that the bottoms  

of your tables or other furniture  have tiny little gnaw marks on them,  

it could be mice. Another telltale sign  that you have mice is scratching noises  

in your walls. They may keep you up at night  and are usually very annoying to deal with.  

If you suddenly start hearing scratching  noises but and have no idea what they are,  

starting looking around for gnaw marks,  droppings and footprints. You may have mice.

Signs that your food has been tampered  with: if you have cupboard with snacks  

in it and notice that there seem to be  bite marks or holes in the packages,  

there is likely only one culprit:  and that is mice. Be sure to check  

all your cupboards thoroughly to see if  any of your food has been tampered with.

Check your entire property: When checking your  home for mice, use your flashlight and shine  

it along the walls and other areas you may have  seen mouse droppings or hear scratching noises.  

Be on the lookout for holes and chew marks.  You should also make sure to avoid leaving food  

crumbs around as much as possible. Always clean  up after yourself when you are done eating, and  

wipe food crumbs from your floors, tabletops, and  counters, because you better bet that at night,  

when mice smell food, they will come to it. So  avoid this at all costs by cleaning up any sign  

of food or crumbs that may be in your kitchen,  living room, or any other part of your home.

What to do when you have mice: If you find  out that you have mice after inspecting your  

home - don't freak out. You can try at home  remedies to get rid of them, but it is always  

best to contact a rodent professional to sanitize  and clean your home. And remember - if you ever  

see a mouse in your home, don't just forget about  it. You can bet that if you see even one mouse,  

that you've got a whole family of them. They could  be in your attic, your garage, or other small,  

hidden places. The reason for this is because  mice usually live in groups. So the moment you  

suspect you have mice, you have to take action.  The first thing you should do is set up mouse  

traps and try to identify any entry points in your  home. If you want to try at home remedies before  

calling a pest expert, do that. But remember - you  have to act quick! Don’t wait to get rid of your  

mouse infestation, because female mice can average  five to ten litters each year. They multiply very  

quickly - and if you wait too long, your mouse  infestation could quickly grow into a big problem.

So, have you ever had to deal with mice?  What were some things that you did to  

get rid of them? What are some other  ways you keep mice outside of your  

house that aren’t mentioned in this video?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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