get rid

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okay well youtubers I recently had a

problem with a rat in my garage

and I've never had the problem before

but he suddenly appeared last winter and

he's been living in my garage for the

last probably six months he was living

unfortunately on grass seed that I had

left in the garage and he made a feast

out of that and so I decided to get rid

of him it's starting it's springtime now

it's just beginning to be spring so I

decided to try to get rid of him so what

I did research on the Internet all the

stuff I tried you know the little peanut

butter on a you know little low circular

object on a wire and a pail of water

that didn't work the stick boards did

not work the regular mouse traps did not

work this is a very wily rat very wise

and he's he thought he was here to stay

so what I did what I did notice that

there was mention of essential oils in

the you know that they're very rats are

very sensitive to their oils any any you

know anything that interrupts their

sense of smell they're very sensitive to

so I thought well I'm not going to waste

money on expensive essential oils for

this rat I'm just going to go straight

to the most obnoxious smell I know and

that's a ammonia and this is in fact

what they used to bring a person back to

consciousness if they fainted

so so I thought okay I'm going to put a

good you know I'm gonna put several rags

soaked with ammonia along his pathways

in the garage and see if that works

close up the garage stink him out see if

that works

so this is now the third day and I've

done it for the first day what happened

was that I soaked all of these rags and

sure enough the next day there was no

sign of him

and I you know and I know because he

would frequently you know anytime I

would open the garage door

he would appear and our you know go

scurrying off to try to find his hiding

place so what I did was these rags

around this is now the third day and

within 24 hours he disappeared and

appears he's gone for good he decided

that he didn't want his sense of smell

to be permanently affected so this is by

far the best way to get rid of rats is

just to assault their sense of smell and

they will take off so let me see here I

need to give this something to put that

up with but anyway so put it in his

favorite you know where he likes to hang

out and he should be gone within 24

hours so and this is like like I said

this is a now the third day I'm doing

this and what I did was I put these rags

up here because ammonia will rise it's

lighter than air it will rise and so

these are all his places that he likes

to go so that's what I'm doing and it

works very very well very cheap very


and I haven't seen him at all in the

last wells 48 hours anyway he's gone so

it definitely works within the first 24

hours just be careful wear gloves and

you also want to wear some breathing

like a face mask because this stuff is

very obnoxious it'll it could burn your

your breathing you know your throat in

eyes and stuff so wear gloves and wear a

mask just use common sense view this

stuff stinks and and you should be okay

so anyway I'm going to go ahead and

close up this garage that's the other

thing you want to close up this garage

the garage because it would it keeps the

smell in longer and that's what you want

to do you want to drive him away and and

this is the this is the absolute best

way and you know you might want to kind

of continuously do it especially in the

the months that that they tend to you

know be looking for a place

now of course after you do this what you

want to do is you want to let's see here

you want to oh close up any openings

that you you have in your garage and the

best way you can tell that is just look

for some light and rats can get in

through very small openings so you want

to you know discourage them from doing

that I'm going to put some right here

there are a couple of other holes that

I've spotted that he may be coming

through so do that the other thing too

is if you're cleaning up your garage

after you know there's been a rat


do yourself a favor wear the masks wear

the gloves be very careful because dried

rat feces this is actually very

dangerous you can get hantavirus from it

which is a very serious deadly disease

it's somewhat similar to bubonic plague

so that shouldn't I think sufficiently

scare the crap out of anybody who thinks

that rats are just you know to be

ignored they're not they're extremely

dangerous so anyway that's it do that

wear a face mask where your your gloves

enclose the area

don't don't breathe the toxic fumes if

you can help it because they are toxic

and what I use I get this at the Dollar

Tree store it's clear ammonia it cost me

a dollar

so there you go it's three days I've

used what two quarts this two-port thing

and I'm going to stock up in this stuff

because every once in a while I'm going

to make sure especially if I think

there's any activity in this garage I'm

going to make sure to to attend you know

put down readouts these rags with an

ammonia the thing and just leave them up

in an accessible areas and and you you

can just grab them douse them throw them

back up there you're done it's less than

a minute be very easy it'll put wrapped

and pest control people out of out of

business sorry folks but this works for

me and you know if you're if you're real

sensitive to ammonia then maybe this

isn't the route for you just be careful

and that's it it worked for me gone in

24 hours and I had tried numerous uh

you know mousetrap sticky boards you

name it and I couldn't couldn't get rid

of this mouse but now he's gone so I'm

very happy anyway that's it signing off