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How to Get Rid of Rodents In The Attic

everybody this is Leah from Court

solution so today we're in an attic that

the gentleman called us in because had a

raccoon infestation so after we sealed

and all the opening all the exits

everything we know that they're not here

anymore now we are at the attic seeing

what's what what you can do and what the

damage do they did I want to show you

over here what are we looking for so if

you can have a look the feces okay how

they nest over here they did also you

can look over here over here okay all of

those all of those have to be clean so

so they won't breathe it what we need to

do and you can see all the adding is

remove everything remove all the

installation and I'm going to show you

how it's going to look like after that

take everything out sanitize it get rid

of the smell get rid of all the bacteria

then we're going to blow all new

installation would also consider the

installation is not sufficient here this

is maybe an hour twenty nine an hour

thirty half to the r32 it have to be

above the beam we're going to reseal

this attic making sure everything is

clean and that's what we're looking for

when you have the rodent infestation in

the attics