get rid

How to get rid of mice in your attic

alright here we are today we're applying

Mouse blocks to an attic so I could show

you how easy it is and a few things that

you want to look for when you're up in

an attic you want to look at your

insulation and see if you have little

like like pathways running back and

forth through the insulation and look

around for anywhere where you might find

pieces of mouse poop you'll see it on

top very well if you're really unlucky

you're gonna see bat poop and then

you're gonna have to call somebody to do

something about the bats but today we're

getting rid of mice and it is not as

hard as people seem to think it is what

we're using today our mouse blocks they

are type of poison block you can use in

an attic or behind stuff that no one can

get to no animals no pets can get to you

throw them around the attic and the it

emaciate s-- the mice taking all the

moisture out of them leaving a carcass

that's dry and does not stink and they

last a long time now I'm going to show

you how to where you want to put these

you want to take one right here and you

want to try to get it over to the edge

as far as possible you just kind of

disperse them as far as you can get them

because a lot of times they're going to

be running on the edges put them in

places like right behind a piece of wood

you throw them get them up there little

ways there's one there I'm going to

apply some way down there I'm gonna try

to get some way down there if I can't

you don't necessarily need to worry that

they're buried in the insulation because

the mice are gonna find mice go

everywhere and they smell pretty good

and mice will find these so you don't

need to worry that you're not getting

them where the mice are gonna go so much

as that you just get them out there and

get them being used there we go

so now that you've applied about ten

blocks you can go ahead and seal your

attic back up and you should be good for

one to two years if not more

I recommend redoing it every two years

but it's a really good way to get rid of

the mice in your attic so that they

don't come down into your house in the

winter months and it really works well

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