get rid

How to get rid of Squirrels in your attic the RIGHT way.

okay guys so if you're looking at this

video you have trouble with squirrels I

personally have just waged a war against

the squirrels in the crawlspace of my

house I can't say an addict because it's

not an attic it's just a little bitty

crawlspace about six inches tall with no

outside access that I was aware of okay

so it's been an ordeal if you have

squirrels in your attic there are

several different things you can do to

get rid of them I'm gonna go through a

list of different things that you can do

to just go ahead and knock them out the

very first thing that I like to do and

this works for the short term not

necessarily for the long term is I'll

get something like this this is called

repels all there's other stuff called

like critter reader and and basically

all this really is is granules and they

also come in spray and it has predatory

animal urine mixed into it so basically

the pee of animals that you want to

scare away - well the pee of the animals

that eat the animals you're trying to

scare away so something that would

normally hunt a squirrel or rat or

whatever you know that you're in sin

here I'll link in the description to all

the different things in this video just

so you have a direct link if you need to

all right so the very first thing you do

if you can get into your attic is you go

up there you sprinkle this stuff around

and that should run out whatever is

inside your attic and you keep them from

coming back for a little while

squirrels specifically are very active

during the daytime so in the mornings

they will leave your attic and they go

out for the day they come back at night

- supposedly sleep except for with me

they're always making noise here all

running around

all in my attic I'm sayin attic that's a

crawlspace we're just gonna knock that

down right now we're gonna call it the

Attic even though it's not alright for

those of you that watch me remodel my

house you know that I did this recently

and I had a squirrel that moved in right

after the remodel there's no way for me

to get to it so option one first thing

you do since things that smell now not

just this stuff that you can buy this

predatory urn but anything that's going

to jack up their sinuses so cayenne

pepper mix it in with some type of oil

or something so that it doesn't just

blow away and dry out it works really


anything that's super stinky to their

feet they can't stand it glue traps

glue traps er they're not going to work

really great for squirrels they make

some bigger ones to do but little ones

for mice will just really annoying them

piss them off it is it a wonderful thing

to hear them up there freaking the hell

out moving on okay so option a smells

stuff is gonna run them off by the sins

now once you get them out of your house

you need to find out where they're

coming in to your house so we're gonna

walk around and look for small little

holes or chewed wood throughout your

house on the outside fascia okay that's

what we're gonna do next

alright guys so the first thing you're

gonna do is you're gonna walk around

your house and you're just gonna watch

and look for chewed up areas now I have

already circled my house and haven't

found a single spot where they can get

in from the fascia for supper this time

they had gotten in before and when we

over here I'll show you exactly where

if you look up here in this corner

that was originally a hole where the

squirrels like to come in and I just

covered it up with some laminate

flooring about five years ago honestly

it's been a good minute now I'm gonna

redo my entire house the outside at some

point so I'm not even gonna bother

cleaning that up for now but that is not

where my current problem lies


and go up here to follow this around you

can see up here where there's no gas for

a squirrel to get in anywhere else in my

house from the outside now since I know

they're not coming in from up there they

have to be coming in come down from up

under the house now this isn't an easy

way to get in but occasionally there are

runs underneath the house that actually

open up and for you know plumbing or

electric you can come off that time

there can be plumbing or electric is and

you know they just have to have a place

to run so that gives them access to the

walls which gives them access to your

rafters can get them into your attic and

now you're stuck so for my house I found

the spot where they were getting in it

was actually underneath the bathtub the

hole cut for the drain should have been

this big it was that big and because

there was a little bit larger gap scroll

could come right up beside the drainpipe

and had full access full run of my

entire house if grants straight up into

a fir down which ran straight up into

the rafters which gave him all the room

and stuff they needed but there's no

place for me to access it I can't get to


so the fourth template back


an actual live capture traffic alright

guys so the next option is going to be

to use an actual live capture trap and

that's what this is it's a gravity-fed

trap that I bought off of Amazon I will

link directly to this particular trap in

the description of the video below and

right now we're going to go ahead and

show you how to set it so

if you have access to your attic putting

it inside the attic would be ideal but

if you don't have access to your attic

like I don't I only have a little bit

six inches of space and no access to a

foot so every I have to set my trap

outside so to set the trap what you're

going to do is you're going to lift this

here door and then over here this is

going to catch you see there's this

piece right here

the door just slides in like so and it

is a gravity-fed tool so we're gonna

it like so and then lock it over

here just like so

now once it's locked this pressure plate

get down there where they can see the

pressure plate will unlock it extremely

easy all you have to do punch it boom

done and if you look over here you'll

see that it it automatically just shut

so the theory is and the way it works is

the squirrel will just back up so the

way it works is the squirrel will

actually come in from the back here and

once it just steps on the plate here

before it even gets to the debate inside

the back falls down and boom it locks

itself with this lock right here so I

can't talk the self back over that

window once it's in there it does not




catch myself

we'll go ahead and let the bacon

peanuts are really great peanut butter

is even better so I'm gonna take the

peanut butter just like so should it

pass the plate not on it

that's the plate not on it

so I'm gonna go ahead and put it where

it's gonna go

that gives them the strength in

back to me

okay guys once your trap is set you're

gonna probably need to leave it for a

few days

so that the squirrels in the area can

actually acclimate to it it has to get

that scent human off of it just check it

once a day in the afternoon and normally

what I do when I come home from work I

go ahead and check okay so let's break

it down now we have several different

ways that we can get rid of our

squirrels in our attic the first

obviously is going to be your since your

granules your liquids your peppers your

help even essential oils if they're

strong enough peppermint oil for

whatever reason likes to run off spiders

just random facts okay so you've got

sense that we'll run them out once

they're out you surround your house you

find out where they're getting in and

during the daytime when the squirrels

are actually out being active you close

the holes if you close the holes they

can't get back in your problem is solved

okay if for whatever reason you trapped

them inside then you're gonna have to

use the live traps that I showed you

just a minute ago they work out really

good I'll show you actually call the

little rascal that was in my attic thank

goodness it was driving me insane but

now I have regained my sanity and I just

want to help you guys out so what do we

have we have really rough smells

that'll do it you close up all the

portals from outside that'll keep them

from coming back and if neither of those

work you have your live traps you're

gonna set those out let it sit for a few

days - I climb eight and then check it

every evening and as soon as you get it

in there you can either a kill the damn

thing which I was going to I was really

really going to I was at war with this

damn squirrel but it had a cute face so

I drove it 15 minutes away dumped it off

at a park with lots of squirrel ass and

just let it go now it can be breeding

it's a little happy ass out in the trees

like it's supposed to be I have to say I

do not have any issue with squirrels

that stay the hell out of

house I have a tremendous issue with

those terrible little monsters that do

get into my headache and make all the

noise that freaks me out

okay so outside squirrels hey there cute

lovely look at them that's it you just

grow from spongebob

I don't care inside my house it's the

devil kill it so guys thanks for

watching if you haven't already please

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