get rid

To how catch/get rid of rats in the attic!

you're doing Knight is the mortars

coming in for another episode he

features with easy waters that might be

wandering or eating these right now he's

up in the attic Ethan's been hearing

some noises up here and what we're gonna

do is look and see what kind of animal

we get up here so first thing you want

to do and you get to the attic you don't

matter what animal it is you want to

whip it out in urinate as much as you

can as far as you can you want to mark

your territory and show your dominance

that might be enough to spook them out

I'd say if you see the animal try to

urinate directly on top of it if not

just urinate as much as you can around

the attic space

that'll be step 1 so we're gonna go

ahead and look for some activity up here

now and see what kind of animals we

might be to handle bit tonight yeah so

what we're doing is we're looking for

evidence to see what kind of animals

might be lurking so this right here it's

gonna be a wood rat turd is what that's

gonna be another thing you can look for

these little trails like Dan the

insulation it's almost like a deer in

the woods game trails you can see that

right there he's been burrowing in there

that's another sign of a rat right there

this is a real telltale sign that you

might have had a rat in the Attic when

you find a carcass

this rat appears to be dead probably for

a couple of hours or so I'd say least

probably three to four hours he's been

dead and this is gonna be the head let

me show y'all the problem with having

these little suckers I'll be here ahead

a space now you see those teeth right

there they're continuously growing and

what they're gonna do is they're gonna

find stuff in your headache like this

right here and they're just gonna

they're gonna go to town on it yo they

gonna put a hole in it and catch a fire

or whatever they might do but they're

gonna be just put holes in the duct one

wiring all that stuff so we don't want

these guys up here in the Attic that's

what we need to do just get some traps

out for them y'all I'm gonna go ahead

and discard this for now and see what

else we can up here so just got down

from the Attic and unfortunately we

didn't find any any Rats up there we

found the carcass we found some poop and

we found some trails and stuff but

unfortunately didn't physically see the

animal up there in the attic space

sounds like I can hear it you and all

them something right now that's probably

me just being crazy - I'll keep y'all

posted and if I hear or see anything

I'll let y'all know all right happy

clapping y'all y'all take care now Ethan