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Example Mice Infestation in Attic - Brantford Mice Removal


and we're in here in a house in

Brantford Ontario and what we're gonna

bout to go show is what we call the

trifecta we've had bats squirrels mice

all in this attic over time these new

homeowners bought it realizes there's

something need to be done about it

so after re-roofing the house and doing

all our prevention outside we've ridded

the house bats mice and squirrels and

now it's time for the remediation what

we're going to do is bring you up here

and show you the extent of damage having

wildlife in your attic and what they can

do to your home in the damage and the

health reasons why we want to make sure

these animals though and we keep them

out what we're gonna do now is we're

gonna go up in the attic and we're

actually gonna show you the damage of

these animals cause okay from chewed

wiring that can cause electrical files

to contaminate it and compacted

insulation which is called causing

insulation issues and health risks and

also some structural damage from

squirrels chewing on those trusses in

the roof line so welcome you to come on


okay so to the average homeowner coming

up to the attic you're not gonna see

what we see so you you just see an attic

with some insulation in it what I see is

a poorly insulated attic a

low-performing attic and the reason why

is this insulation that's here that you

see should be a nice pillow insulation

about about 18 inches I should not be

able to see the wooden framing trusses

and bed work here that are on the attic

floor this should be covered in

insulation this is another I guess you

can say indicator that animals have been

in this attic that pillow of insulation

is now compacted from about eighteen

inches all the way down to about six if

that so this attic again is is losing a

sorbets amount of heating and cooling

costs in the winter in the summer who


we're gonna be removing this insulation

we're gonna decontaminate this attic

we're gonna properly ventilate this

attic and then re blow this insulation

back into code which is 40 but we're

gonna go up to our fifty for this

particular client and have a nice pillow

of about 1920 inches of insulation

once we now we know that the houses

animal proof this insulation will stay

sound and our customers will be happy

for years to come rodents have been in

this attic for a while you can see the

insulation is not high and fluffy

anymore it's actually been compacted

break down from all the squirrels and

mice and everything trampling all over

it enough that if you see the activity

right here the insulation has been moved

all the way from the edges there's

absolutely no r-value here what air is

now escaping in all these parts of the

home I'm sitting here right now

part of a soffit venting issue here is

it's been ripped and pulled and brought

up in the in the Attic you should be

over here okay now once we come up here

and start looking you actually can start

seeing look at these electrical wires

absolutely chewed and annihilated all

the way down okay this is a potential

for health risks oh thank god these

homeowners called us said hey you know

we have these issues and like we do all

the time we do attic inspections for

this exact reason to inform the

homeowners that we need to fix those the

first stage of what we're going to do is

we're gonna remove all the contaminated

insulation and now if you look here I'm

looking at a bunch of squirrel droppings

bat droppings and mouse droppings all

mixed together from the years of being

here see all that right here all of it

in here all right in fact further in

their attic there's a bigger

concentration so again this is the

trifecta of the Attic we're gonna go

show you some structural damage next and

this is the typical case of why you do

not want wildlife in your home this is

an example what we want to show you what

mice are doing right what we're seeing

here it's what we call a mouse tunnel

this tunnel is created when the mice are

invading the attic and looking for a

nice safe home is they'll burrow

underneath the insulation create tunnels

and trails under their nests so what you

don't know is this is causing thermal

loss of heating and cooling through out

your attic because instead of being a

nice pillow blanket of insulation

there's now it's almost like Swiss

cheese okay so it's allowing air to

escape throughout the house combine that

with the compaction of the squirrels and

all the everything in here the r-value

which is supposed to be codable are 40

we do our 50 we're probably down to

about an hour 10 to our 15 now because

of the damage so this is what we don't

want to see so this is the evidence we

look for when we say to a homeowner hey

you might have a most problem this is

called a most tunnel but right here is

another example we're in a different

location of the Attic to find more

chewed wiring okay this wiring is

exposed wiring again a fire hazard if a

mouse or a squirrels that you raid

through and it's a live wire they could

electrocute themselves and then in

return start a fire so I'm glad we

caught this early this is gonna be safer

for the homeowners now that we've

evicted all the animals it's time to fix

up this house with new wiring new

insulation and get it back up to code

okay so what we're looking at here in

the Attic is if you can notice I'm gonna

highlight it here at the flashlight and

kind of if I pull the flashing away you

can see the actual wood structure of the

truss has it chewed almost half away so

the the supporting beam that this is

supposed to support is no longer straw

ashlee sound and we have a few of these

beams throughout the house that should

and probably will be replaced now left

longer we're gonna have an issue we're

gonna have this roof caving in we're

gonna have possibly floods possibly

somebody getting hurt because as the

weight of the snow builds up here in

Canada this structure this truss is no

longer to support the weight and could

cave in

so like again but I've said before I

can't reiterate it enough that if you

have wildlife in your home get them out

fast don't leave it because then we have

to fix it in and thousands and thousands

of dollars of repairs to bring your

house back into code okay so again Jared

who will assume from Ontario wildlife

removal here in an attic in Brantford