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How to get rid of mice and rats FOREVER!

what's up YouTube family you having

problems with the mouse can't get rid of

them rent but stay tuned cuz I got a

solution for you what's up YouTube

I know it's hard to say how to get rid

of mice and rats forever but ain't no

way you can get rid of mice and rats

forever it steps you gotta take like go

outside of your house with with concrete

and fill up every hole and your

foundations who are no mice is the rest

could get in go in the house and fill in

hose to where my sis could get in that's

that's the one of the first things you

got to do and of course the second thing

you got to stay clean you know you can't

be dirty and have food all over your

floor not expecting no rodents to come

around you got to keep all this stuff

cleaned up seal up your home your house

around the house inside a house so no

rodents can't get in that's the first

thing you do to keep all type of mices

and reds or any type of rodents that

come your come to your house or location

to keep them away that's the only way

you can keep them away filling up your

home and staying clean if you're having

a problem the thing you can go to you

have a small problem I advise you to go

by just one bite now this stuff works

really good you see if you can see that

yeah just one bite now if you having a

small problem yeah get you a peck like

this I say like it like five of them get

five packs of these and put them put it

down somewhere where your animals and

kids can't get to because this is a

poison this is some good poison they

like it and they eat this stuff so if

you put this down and and it's still

there out there a week or so that mean

to kill all your mice the rat problems

now this happens happen to me because

every time is snow which is not right

now it seemed like my wife be coming up


washing some clothes time I bake I seen

the mouse downstairs my pop something to

get this I fed this to him and I had no

problems I ain't seen no mice my wife

ain't seen no mice for the last two

years so I'll just keep this stuff on

dick just in case they come around just

like this stuff kill out colonies you

know I kept it down there I put like

three tacks it was all go then I put

some more down there and it in his set

there I go down there it's still sitting

there so that mean all of my sister's

going have no more problems you gotta

keep on puttin it you gotta keep on

feeding to him one pack and I'll do it

now if you got like Oh mice and rat

infestation me go up to the big dog you

need to get these blocks you know these

blocks they sell for like $11 at true

value and you can go to true value this

one got mark from true value or you can

order these off of Amazon somewhere this

is like 2 dollars and 50 cent pack this

is like $11 1199 you know but you got a

lot users bodies this thing just drink

of it right here and what I do is I get

this breaking up I'll put it in a

plastic bag

and then I uh put a towel over it and

get a hammer and crunch it and and

crunch it up to small pieces to make it

for they can eat it so they can eat it

easily you know I'm saying easy easily

in as much as they want you know did you

gotta keep on keep on feeding it to him

until you put you put this stuff down

and it stood there I throw a weaker

stuff you stood there that mean it

didn't kill them off and you shouldn't

have no problem with uh no more mice or

rats this is this is a good product just

just one bite it works I mean it works

this I'm doing this video because I'm

living proof this stuff works but you

got to keep feeding it to him you just

can't put one pack down I think it's

gonna solve the problem did they eat it

all keep on keep on keep on keep on

giving it to him the next thing that a

whole colony is gonna be powder there

so that's how you can keep away mice and

rats just one bite and if you have any

questions just put it down in the

comments and I answer them as I can

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