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How To Get Rid Of Rodents In The Attic Pest Products Online

alright here we are on your in your

typical attic now the first thing you

want to keep in mind in an attic setting

is not to fall through the ceiling make

sure you stick on the studs but just

like in the kitchen we're going to focus

our treatments on areas where we've seen

evidence of rodents ie droppings and

urine now the good thing about using

traps in an attic setting versus baits

with traps you know when you've killed

one you can remove the dead animal and

keep it from stinking so that being said

rodents will typically use the same

paths in and out we've discovered some

rodent droppings here we're going to set

our traps and I'm going to set one

facing this way and I'm going to set one

facing this way that way either way the

rat comes from I'm going to get him in

this location I've chosen the trapper

t-rex traps they work great for this

type of setting but again you can use

glue boards or you can use the wooden

snap traps so that's been our product

snapshot with rodent traps how to use

them where to put them for effective

control and again the key points are to

make sure you stick them where the

rodents are going this has been pest

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