get rid

Tips for getting rid of pesky groundhogs

last night we brought you the story of a

Cheektowaga woman who was frustrated

over living next door to a property

being overrun by groundhogs the story

has garnered a huge response tonight

News 4's George Richert has advice for

anyone dealing with their own groundhog

problem neighbors say the former

orphanage on William Street near Kennedy

Road in Cheektowaga is crawling with the

little critters but woodchucks can be

anywhere if the conditions are right we

need to look at why the woodchucks are

there SPCA wildlife administrator Joel

Thomas says if you have a woodchuck

problem try changing the environment

clear away as much clutter tall grass

and weeds as you can these are the types

of areas that Harbor area wildlife of

all species because it's cover and

wildlife is looking for food cover and

safety fences can also keep woodchucks

out but offense is only as good as its

weakest link you got to make sure they

can't get underneath oftentimes a

permanent barrier of galvanized mesh to

take away that bottom gap all the way

around the backyard in the past we've

followed trapper tom on a few calls he

recommends putting used kitty litter in

the woodchuck hole or mink oil which you

can buy online woodchucks fear the smell

of both only licensed trappers like him

can move woodchucks for you but others

may just take their place anyone that

thinks they're gonna solve a nuisance

wildlife problem by trapping they have a

new hobby it's called trap and stuff and

moving it around and it won't solve the


nature is gonna do what its gonna do now

if you want to try using a bottle of

mink gland we have a link on of

where you can buy it now I told you

earlier my husband and I are having the

same problem and someone was going to

charge us 400 dollars to try and remove

them but there was no guarantee they

wouldn't come back is there a season

that you can shoot them woodchucks are

in season all year round hunters can

shoot and kill woodchucks all year round

but you can't do it in Cheektowaga you

can't do it in the populated suburbs

that's why the SPCA recommends just

trying to change the environment take

away their cover take away the weeds

where they like to hang the most the

clovers right they love clover all right

thank you so much useful information for