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How to Get Rid of Rock Chucks / Yellow Bellied Marmots

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hey my name is Micah with Allstate

Animal Control and today we're doing

trapping for rock chucks or

yellow-bellied marmots so what was

happening is they were digging

underneath here underneath these slabs

of the driveway and also underneath the

front entryway of this home and so we've

been sending out pill traps to catch

them and try to get them out from under

there so they can't cause any more

damage and you can see here that we

caught one today and so we're just going

to cover up a couple of the other

entrances and leave this one open and if

there's anything left get them out so

what we've done is we've covered up the

three of the holes with a board of

plywood and then place three heavy rocks

on top of this one then on these since

they were smaller holes smaller pieces

of plywood and then just large rocks to

cover them up and then we've left one

hole open which is this fourth hole over

here we've left it uncovered and with a

trap set so if there's any leftover Rock

chucks we'll test for it

see if any more come out you have to be

kind of careful around these traps they

can snap and hurt your foot if somebody

steps in it they can be dangerous for

pets and so it's important to keep them

out of these areas I'll show you right

here how powerful these traps can be and

we're going to set it off with the


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