get rid

Here's how to get rid of robo calls

robocalls are on the rise and tax season

is one of the worst times for scam calls

phishing for your personal and financial

information by the end of this year half

of all mobile calls are expected to be

spam robo calls and a record 5.2 billion

robo calls blew up phones nationwide in

January alone tax season is a prime time

for scammers Robo colors and cyber

thieves to prey on taxpayers mr. Daniel

Wiseman calling me from the legal

department of internal basically they

try to scare you into giving up

sensitive information by threatening

legal action for the supposed

non-payment of taxes even police

officers are getting IRS scam calls this

year but the IRS never calls taxpayers

without mailing them first about an

issue related to their taxes in fact you

should know that IRS employees will

never call you demanding an immediate

payment demand payment without allowing

you to question or appeal the amount

owed demand that you pay your taxes in a

specific way such as with a prepaid

debit card ask for credit or debit card

numbers over the phone threaten to

contact local police or similar agencies

to arrest you for the non-payment of

taxes or threatened legal action such as

a lawsuit so here's what you need to do

if someone from the IRS does call hang

up and call the IRS at its official

number to see if the first call was

legit and more importantly take these

steps to block spam calls for good

register with the free National Do Not

Call Registry don't answer any

unsolicited calls from numbers you don't

recognize let it go to voicemail

many spammers won't leave a message if

you do pick up never offer any personal

information during the conversation hang

up if the caller claims to be from the

IRS Social Security the DMV or a similar

agency as government officials will

always reach out to you through the mail

first if a call claims to be from a debt

collector for a debit or credit card

student loan office bank or retailer

and contact that bank credit card

company or loan office directly to see

if they actually need something see what

spam and robo call controls your phone

carrier provides to block unwanted and

anonymous calls use Robo call blocking

apps such as hiya

no more robo true caller or should I

answer bottom line

send unknown numbers to voicemail and if

someone calls claiming to be from the

IRS call the official IRS number first

to check it out