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How to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen - 5 Simple methods to keep cockroaches away

once cockroaches make themselves at home

in a house it can be very difficult to

kick them out they can snack on your

food damaged wallpaper books and

electronics they can also spread disease

pathogens by contaminating food

appliances and surfaces in the home

serve these pests and eviction notice

and keep them from coming back by

choosing a bait insecticide trap or

barrier approach that works best for you

in this video you will learn some simple

methods to get rid of roaches from you

home quickly we have divided this topic

into five methods for better

understanding first method deny them

water and food number 1 cut off water


cockroaches must have a source of water

depending on the temperature and their

size they can live for a month without

any food but no more than a week without

water find all the water leaks in your

house and fix them

once there water sources have been

eliminated they will be much more

interested in eating gel based baits you

set out number to clean your house

thoroughly a clean house is key to

keeping cockroaches away and the first

place to start is the kitchen wash your

dishes and put food away promptly after

meals clean up crumbs and spills right

away and generally keep the area clean

pay special attention to range tops as

cockroaches love grease number 3 hide

your food keep food containers sealed

and don't leave food out for extended

periods don't leave dirty dishes out

overnight and don't leave fruit on the

countertop number 4 what the floor


this should clean up crumbs and sticky

spots do not slop water against the

walls remember then eat water number 5

take out the trash regularly have one

trashcan for food in your house

don't let it sit for too long news of

trash can with a lid rather than one

that stays open keep it in sealed

containers that aren't sitting right

next to your house second method using

cockroach baits number one use


cockroach bait cockroach bait is either

housed in a childproof case or applied

as a gel and contains a slow working

poison mixed in with an attractive food

for cockroaches the roaches eat a poison

and bring it back to the nest where it

eventually kills all the other itches

place the bait in an area where you know

cockroaches will encounter it such as

along baseboards under the sink and in

corners it should be as close to the

nest as possible so that as many roaches

as possible will eat it and take it back

to the nest

most cockroach mates contain fibrin I'll

point zero five percent or harder in the

file than 2% is the active ingredient

roaches will eat the poison then excrete

it back at the nest where other roaches

will come into contact with it and die

kindling roaches using this method can

take several weeks once the first

generation of cockroaches is killed

their eggs will hatch and more

cockroaches will have to be poisoned

before the nest is gone for good

number two try homemade cockroach baits

mix one part powdered not granular boric

acid sometimes sold as a roach killing

powder but often available in pharmacies

one part white flour one part powdered

white sugar the sugar and flour tracked

the roaches and the boric acid kills

them sprinkle the powder in the backs of

drawers and cabinets under the

refrigerator under the stove and so on

you can also try a similar mixture of

one part boric acid two parts flour and

1 part cocoa expect at least three

cycles of disappearance re-emergence of

progressively smaller hordes of

cockroaches lasting about two weeks each

continue using boric acid till roaches

are gone kids dogs and some other pets

will eat this mixture boric acid is not

highly toxic to humans and pets but is

for external use only so place it where

only the bugs can get it the mixture

will kick hard in humid environments so

paper or foil trays may be needed to

protect your floors and cabinets third

method using insecticides number one use

a solution of sodium water this is an

easy way to kill adult roaches

make a light solution of soap bath soap

is fine and water that is thin enough to

spray through a spray bottle you can

splash it spray it or just throw it on

the roach just two or three drops of a

soapy water solution can kill a roach

ensure that it makes contact with

roaches head and lower abdomen if you

can turn the roach over hitting the

belly is best the roach will run or try

to run that will suddenly stop and die

or be almost dead in one minute the

soapy water kills them by forming a thin

film over the roaches breathing pores

that stays in place due to surface

tension causing the roach to suffocate

throw the roach away as soon as possible

since it could recover if the water

dries up or has not touched a large

percentage of its body

number two use an insecticide spray get

some insecticide that is labeled for use

against cockroaches and contained safely

thron or another insecticide as the

active ingredient spray wherever

cockroaches may be hiding or entering

the house including along walls and

cracks and in vents keep pets and

children out of the way when you are

spraying and follow all safety

instructions on the products label if

you're also using Roach bait

don't spray near the bait the spray may

contaminate the bait and cause roaches

to stay away from it using spray against

roaches works to keep them out of sight

for the present moment but it can also

serve to drive them further into your

walls and make the problem worse it's

important to treat the nest as well as

killing roaches on site repellents have

a greater rate of success and can either

eliminate the cockroaches or

significantly decrease their presence

use a heavy-duty method like chemical

repellent instead of home remedies

number three apply a liquid concentrate

liquid concentrates once the exclusive

domain of professional exterminators are

now being made for use by the public the

concentrate is a poison or deterrent

chemical that is diluted with water and

then sprayed wiped or mopped on to just

about any surface

Krakauer crevice to kill roaches that

walk their concentrates can be

particularly effective providing

protection against reinfestation

as the

usually two torches for one to two weeks

are more number four get

professional-grade pesticides for the

worst infestations as a very last resort

you might want to order the strongest

pesticides available look for a

pesticide that contains cypermethrin

professional baits glue traps with

pheromones and professional sprays are

far more effective than products bought

at a local home store psychics CS is a

micro encapsulated product that is very

effective against roaches you'll

probably have to buy it online because

this pesticide isn't usually sold in

hardware stores it will kill of bugs as

well as provide a residual effect for

three months spray it around the

perimeter of your home and places like

your basement the downside is that this

will kill all bugs even ones that eat

roaches like spiders and merely pay

deaths use this only as a last resort

and don't use it at all if you have pets

and kids around it's a very strong

poison that will harm anyone who eats it

fourth method using traps number one use

store-bought cockroach traps cockroach

trap sler cockroaches in and then trap

them with an adhesive get several of

these and place them wherever

cockroaches are known to frequent while

this is an effective way to kill a small

population of adult roaches it won't

affect the nest itself number two use

water jars a simple and effective

homemade way to lure and trap roaches is

with a jar placed next to a wall this

allows the roaches to get in but not

escape any bait can be placed in a jar

including coffee grounds and water but

it also works with plain water and drier

climates again this is a good way to

kill adult roaches but it doesn't affect

the nest and eggs

number three use soda bottle traps take

a plastic soda bottle and cut off the

top where it curves invert the top and

place it into the body of the bottle so

that it acts like a funnel inside the

bottle tape it into place around the rim

pour a bit of water with soap in the

bottom of the bottle and set the trap in

a place

which is hangout they'll crow into the

trap and drown fifth method preventing

reinfestation number one move yard

debris away from the outside of the

house cockroaches love piles of wood and

other convenient hiding places and as

the weather turns colder they'll migrate

inside the house to keep warm

make sure you would fill as far away

from the house

remove piles of straw leaves clippings

and any other yard waste number to seal

the house to keep roaches from entering

seal cracks and exterior walls to keep

us out of the house by blocking their

entrance seal cracks everywhere you can

inside your house as well this takes

time but the payoff is great because you

eliminate most of their favorite hiding

and breeding places fill every crack

inside every cabinet in your kitchen

fill the cracks on both sides of floor

door and window moldings fill all

openings around pipes and bathrooms and

kitchens number 3 set out preventative

traps even if you successfully got rid

of a nest prevent the reinfestation by

setting out traps that will kill roaches

before they get out of control

the best approach is to leave the caulk

off a few cracks that are close to

potential areas of entry like the drain

or vents and place traps as follows

spray over with insecticide such as raid

in either gel or liquid form this serves

as a second line of defense should any

roaches survive on or get past the

physical barriers this will at the very

least weaken them alternatively sprinkle

salt under kitchen cabinets and in

cracks if the place is vacant for an

extended period mop tiled floors with

salty water before leaving fix any

openings with caulk spackle or some

other hardening mixture if the crack is

on a baseboard or wood after putting the

spackle down rub with resin or cover

with wood paint once the spackle has

hardened 4 to 6 hours after its

application it is child safe thanks for

watching we hope this will help you get

rid of roaches and to live peaceful in

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