get rid

Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever With Egg and Boric Acid

the most disgusting and nasty creatures

are cockroaches there is a proverb I

like a lot if nuclear war ever decimated

life on this planet as we know it only

Keith Richards and cockroaches would

survive these creatures beside the fact

that can live in your home they can also

survive in crazy conditions and even

without a head so a couple of questions

should be answered like how can we get

rid of them from our homes and other

buildings have they won the fight in

order to do this trick you will need

sugar eggs a bowl a fork 100 percent

boric acid first you should do is to

boil the eggs for 12 to 15 minutes and

then remove the shell after that remove

the yolks and put this in a separate

container then add the boric acid and

mix these ingredients well in order to

make this recipe you should use a total

of 2.5 ounces to help in the consistency

of the final product add in between half

a cup and full cup of sugar add sugar

until it's no longer crummy this

solution is not safe to put it in the

mouth so be careful where you put it in

keep an eye on your children and pets

make balls from the mixture and place

them all around your house especially

pay attention to the bathroom since this

is the spot of your home cockroaches

love because it is wet and usually dark

the result will be Nauta scible very

soon you will see plenty of dead

cockroaches around the house